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David Kaucic

David Kaucic is a second-year Chemical Engineering student at the University of Oklahoma. Although Chemical Engineers aren’t particularly renowned for their writing or public speaking ability, he is doing everything he can to kick that stereotype. He’s been a gamer since the age of six, starting with Lego Star Wars: The Video Game and quickly transitioning into the original Starcraft. His current favorite games are League of Legends and Fortnite, with a less serious friends-with-benefits relationship with Guitar Hero and Just Dance. David lives with a number of other gamers who play everything from DnD to Doki Doki Literature Club, and while they don’t share his passion for OU Esports, it’s nice to have someone to blow off steam with during a long night of gaming. David has focused on the OUESA League of Legends efforts, writing for the media team and beginning his fledgling career in color casting alongside participation in the OU Gold team. There’s a lot of good in the esports community, and he’s seeking to bring that out by connecting gamers all throughout OU and out into the greater community through his and OUESA’s efforts. David is looking forward to being a driving force in the development of the OU Esports community.