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Rocket League – Just Soccer With Cars?

Everyone dreads that question from their parent or relative: “What’s that game you’re playing?” It’s almost impossible to answer, especially to our out-of-touch Baby Boomer parents whose last video game was Ms. Pac-Man. Some games have it easier. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players have an easy time saying “We’re counter-terrorists and…
David Kaucic
May 14, 2018
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College Carball Association Invitational

On March 24th and 25th, The College Carball Association partnered with AVGL to host their Rocket League Invitational. The Esports Association at the University of Oklahoma sent two teams to compete; 'OU Sooners' and 'Not Just Fast But Furious.' In the first round, 'Not Just Fast But Furious' went up against…
Bailey Brown
April 10, 2018