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Dragon Ball Fighter

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Super Bit Wars 7

Super Bit Wars reached new heights this year with the highest amount of attendants to ever come to the event. “It was the largest event in OK gaming that I know of,” said Pooyan “Rice,” one of the tourney organizers. The event took place all day, March 30th. And players…
Bailey Brown
April 2, 2019
Event Coverage

King of the Sticks 2018

The King of the Sticks 2018 took place October 27th, 2018, and some of the top players in the state and a few out-of-state players came to compete in the tournament which had 173 attendees and 10 different events to participate in. Oklahoma Rankings for top players prior to the tournament…
Matthew Viriyapah
November 9, 2018
Event Coverage

Dragon Ball Fighter Z – The Top 5 Players

This is the first on a series to show who are the top players in the Oklahoma Fighting Game Community. And with King of the Sticks, the last major Oklahoma regional of the year, just around the corner, fans and competitors alike should remember these tags. These players are the…
Matthew Viriyapah
October 18, 2018
Event Coverage

Super Bit Wars 6 And Its Return To OU

Super Bit Wars 6 (SBW6) was hosted this past weekend on OU's very own campus. Over three hundred competitors from around the country came out to compete in 10 console fighting games. In this day-long event, there was no lack of action. The day began with competitors practicing their respected…
Alex Sigman
April 4, 2018