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Loot & XP: Norman’s Getaway for Gamers

Nestled on the corner of 24th and Main, Loot & XP is Norman's only board game cafe. With over hundreds of games and over a 100 RPG books, there is something for every gamer, casual or veteran. Loot & XP started on Main Street by five owners in 2015. Inspired…
Bailey Brown
January 29, 2019
Author's OpinionsMisc.

Vid’s Winter Break Games

With finals week here in full swing and the month-long winter break coming not soon enough, my mind is already turning away from the pain of final exams and turning toward how best to squander the month of freedom I get. And as I am a gamer, my first thought…
David Kaucic
December 11, 2018
Author's OpinionsMisc.

Relaxation Suggestions Continued

I will be adding on some of my own opinions to the article already started by one of our great writers, Courtney Johnson. These are just some of the games I consider to be very relaxing and usually play during some of the most stressful times of my life: 1.Crash…
Alex Sigman
December 6, 2018