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Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 Rundown

There are only a few short weeks to go until the launch of the highly anticipated Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles. Recently, there have been rumors buzzing about the specs, pricing, and more of these two highly desired pieces of tech. For weeks, fans have wanted to hear…
Matthew Hurt
October 23, 2020
Author's Opinions

A Hope for More Story Driven Games

Recently, after many years of hard work by dedicated modders, Skyrim Together was released in the form of a closed beta. Fans of Skyrim rejoiced at the opportunity to finally to slay dragons and mess around with a couple of their friends in the familiar world. Despite having Skyrim re-released…
Courtney Johnson
March 8, 2019

Some of the Best Deals in Steam’s 2018 Summer Sale

There are only two days left on Steam's 2018 Summer Sale. You have only two days to get some really great deals on some of the most popular PC games. Here's a list of the ones you should consider picking up. 1. The Fallout Franchise The entire Fallout Franchise is…
Bailey Brown
July 3, 2018
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Bailey’s E3 Predictions

From June 12th through 14th, thousands of game developers, super fans, and media outlets will be swarming the Los Angeles Convention Center for this year's E3 convention. Since it is quickly approaching, this means more leaks and predictions for upcoming games and hardware. Of course, we all hope that our…
Bailey Brown
May 16, 2018