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What am I watching

As we are developing programming and bringing streamers online we will replace this text with an active calendar of programming.

Meet the Streamers

We will showcase the leadership and personas behind our stream team shortly.

About The Esports Association at The University of Oklahoma Stream Team

While we’re not quite ready to reveal everything that is coming in this specific expansion of our organization we will say we are working on establishing our broadcast standards and trying to elevate the general knowledge around streaming to our whole team. Once we start pushing content we will update this section accordingly and start showcasing some of streamers and the leadership behind our programming. Check back soon! We will start in April 2018!

This section is to explain a little as to why Twitch launched the Twitch Student program.

What is Twitch Student

The three pillars we strive to uphold are inclusivity, diversity, and collaboration. Twitch Student’s goal is to educate, empower and give students’ confidence to have their voices heard in the gaming and esports industry. We see the future leaders of our industry in the students of today as they’ve shown great promise in their amazing accomplishments, both academically and within the gaming community.

Why Twitch Student

Students are the future of our industry and it is our goal to equip students with skills and experiences necessary to participate in the gaming and esports industry. Through clubs, students have continued to amaze us in their ability to challenge themselves, compete in a high level of play and build a vibrant community on campus. With Twitch Student, we offer students the means to create a self-sustaining community and represent their University of Twitch.