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Bailey Brown

Editor in Chief

Bailey is an outlier when you look at personas in esports. While she supports and appreciates the competition of games like League of Legends, Hearthstone, and Overwatch, her main passion is Nintendo games.

Growing up, she was given her first GameBoy advance and a copy of Pokémon Emerald by one of her friends, and she hasn’t stopped gaming since. She moved up to saving Hyrule and the Mushroom Kingdom as well as ‘catching them all’. Outside of Nintendo, she recently has started playing Overwatch, Rocket League, and PUBG, hoping to expand her horizons into social gaming.

She is currently studying advertising at the University of Oklahoma and hopes to pursue the field in the video game industry. She is also High Council (Leadership) for The Esports Association at The University of Oklahoma.

Mike Aguilar

Lead Advisor, Photog, Writer

Mike, also referred to as "Moog", is a Technology Strategist that caters to the needs of the Honors College in tandem with centralized IT's efforts across OU's campus. He provides project management and business analysis that helps improve workflows in anything from daily routine based work to big initiatives for both the individual college as well as the university. Mike is a veteran service member, has worked for Apple, and is an active photographer of over 15 years experience. Mike attributes much of his organizational and strategic abilities and successes to World of Warcraft. Managing a guild of over 150 people from all over the world converted him from an extremely introverted person into a very extroverted one. Through his 4 years managing this guild he also led raids during the initial WoW days through several expansions where 40 individuals were required to accomplish highly coordinated tasks through VoIP communication in real-time. Mike has been a gamer since the Atari days and can enjoy all genres when the timing is right. Mike's biggest passion is helping out where he finds opportunities to do so because he wants to not because he needs to. He has embraced his role as Lead Advisor 500% and is leading the charge for gamers and esports athletes within the walls of OU only as a precursor to helping uplift these industries across the state.


David Kaucic


Anyone who doesn’t know David Kaucic would probably sleep on him. He goes to class, complains about homework, and blows off steam on the weekend, just like any OU student. He’s a chemical engineering major, to boot, so more likely than not he’s too busy studying for his next test to get involved in anything major. But that’s coming from people who don’t know him. In reality, he’s much more involved than the average bear.

David’s been playing video games since he could boot up a computer. He fell in love with Starcraft at a very early age, but he never had the skill or attention span to be able to do anything more than beat the campaign. That’s when he found League of Legends. He fell in love with the variance of the game, the fact that every game offers something new in terms of composition and outcome. League of Legends taught him to play nice with others since you can’t get anywhere without trusting your team once in a while. This forced lesson in teamwork, while it was hard to stomach back in his egotistical middle-school years, happened to teach him a lot more than just how to get out of Bronze.

“League of Legends definitely had a big impact on my social skills,” he recalls, “I was a bit of a douche back in eighth grade. League helped me communicate with other people without being all high-and-mighty, even if they didn’t play.”

David also praises League of Legends for being able to bring different people together who otherwise would never have interacted. “Let’s see, I got my brother into it. Got my friend, then his brother, then they got their cousin into it, now he and my brother are like best friends. I got another friend into it, introduced her to my cousin, they ended up dating for a while. Yeah, they’re totally different people, but they all play League together and that’s pretty spectacular.” Although the game gets a lot of flak for being a cesspool of toxicity and unsportsmanlike conduct, he defends its ability to bring people together.

David doesn’t just play League of Legends with his friends, though. He also has started casting for the OKLCS stream and is looking to become part of the casting team for the OU Esports Association. “I’ve always been interested in casting,” he says, “Ever since I started watching professional League. The casters add a level of analysis and depth that you can’t get just watching a replay, and I want to not only be knowledgeable enough in the game that I can do that but also I want to share that knowledge in an informative and entertaining way.” He extends this mentality to his participation in the Association’s media and news team, wanting to spread information and offer unique takes on current events. He takes inspiration from Kein Lam, a writer for Riot’s LoLesports media team, in his writing. “He’s got this kind of casual banter in his writing energy that I really want to emulate,” David explains, “And it’s important that I have role models, not only for my writing but my casting and playing as well. Kien is one role model, Deficio is another.” David finds his refuge in esports the way that someone else might find it in pickup basketball. He relishes the opportunity to test and challenge himself every time he puts on the headset or puts his fingers to the keyboard. It’s a passion for him as basketball or chess might be to another person.

David plays and casts as David “KauCix” Kaucic. He is a support player for team OU Gold in the OKLCS, as well as casting for the OKLCS at http://twitch.tv/getrecttv.

Alex Sigman


Alex Sigman is not just an online journalism major at the University of Oklahoma. How he became who he is started when he was a little boy sitting in his father’s lap.

As a young boy, Alex would watch his father play classic PlayStation games Crash Bandicoot and Spyro all day if he could. As he became older, he went from watching to playing. From the lap of his dad to the chair in front of his PC, his love for games grew into more than just casually playing.

Alex is not a highly ranked player in any game, but this is not his desire. His desire is to know competitive games like the back of his hand so he can write, report, and cast professionally for the eSports community. League of Legends is his dream game to write and cast for in the competitive scene.

Everybody discovers their passion at their own pace, and Alex did not know League was his passion until very recently. After watching Samsung Galaxy win Worlds last year, he began watching streamers play the game in hopes to learn more about it. With inspiration coming from imaqtpie and Shiphtur, Alex decided last November to download and begin playing League.

As his love for playing and watching the game grew, so too did his love for the competitive scene grow. Alex loves watching three broadcasts on Twitch: the EU LCS, the NA LCS, and Overwatch League. “These broadcasts really show the professional side of Esports, and just watching the shout casters and analysts talk about the game like the people on ESPN talk about basketball or football just makes me grin from ear to ear,” he says. “There is nothing more hype than watching a big-time play occur in the game and hearing the shout casters losing their minds and screaming about what is happening. I want that to be me someday. I want to be where they are, losing my mind.”

In terms of playing League, Alex does not fool himself for a second thinking he is at a high level. “I’m in Silver V. I have no illusion of believing I’m good, but I am much better than when I started. I love the game and will continue to play and hope I can become a good player.”

Alex just recently started his journey as a streamer. His Twitch name is SlexAigman, and he enjoys streaming League of Legends, Overwatch, and occasionally a good dose of Gang Beasts. To see Alex’s streaming schedule, check out his profile on Twitch!

Courtney Johnson


Courtney found love for gaming at a young age. Long hours with a Nintendo controller in hand turned to long hours with an Xbox alongside her brothers where Halo and Gears of War caught her attention. Gaming with other people alongside her has always been important to her because of this, and today she can still be found playing games such as Overwatch and Dungeons and Dragons not only with her brothers but her friends as well and hopes to never return to her slight addiction to World of Warcraft. When not playing team games, she is often found playing story and character driven games such as; Dragon Age, The Last of Us, Final Fantasy, and Mass Effect.

Currently, Courtney is studying Interior Design and Architecture at the University of Oklahoma, where she is forever seeking a balance between projects, gaming, and memeing. She hopes to one day find a job that is a meeting of all three aspects. She has three cats, Emerald, Ollow, and Sebastian, that she’s more than happy to talk about for hours on end with little prompting - including sharing of photos and videos. In fact, when playing games, Sebastian is often nearby providing much-needed luck.

Writing and Gaming to Courtney go hand in hand. Great games are often known for their storylines that keep players returning. And books based upon games are counted amongst her favorites such as the Gears of War series by Karen Traviss. It only makes sense to her that appreciate not only the gameplay, but the full scope of lore and hard work that went into building the worlds games are set in.

Alex Heuer


Alex Heuer is a third-year Computer Engineering student, and what hobby is better suited to a Computer Engineering student than computer gaming? (Or just gaming in general)

His first true experience with gaming was Runescape. Growing up, he would spend hours and hours every day during the summer grinding out levels and quests, rather than using summer break for more traditionally “productive” activities.

After obtaining an Xbox 360, Alex discovered his love of story-driven and co-op games through playing Red Dead Redemption and the Borderlands series. While he understands how impactful the competitive gaming scene is and how popular it has become, Alex believes that gaming is best enjoyed when it tells a compelling story and is experienced with friends.

When he’s not playing video games, he can typically be found listening to or playing music, or just generally procrastinating on homework.

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