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God of War: Ragnarok Review

Image from playstation.comI knew I was going to enjoy God of War: Ragnarok. I loved the series reboot from 2018 and decided to pre-order the Collector’s Edition of Ragnarok. I was expecting to play through just the story and watch the credits roll at the…
Will Edmonds
January 20, 2023

Student Spotlight: Hashim Hassany

The Graduating Outreach Coordinator and Assistant Community DirectorHashim “BrownDieselWagon” Hassany found ways to give back to the OU Esports and Gaming Club communities that had given him so much through his time as both the OU Gaming Club Assistant Community Director and Outreach Coordinator. From…
Cooper Marshall
December 9, 2022

Student Spotlight: Elise Siler

The Graduating Media LeadDuring their time with OU Esports, Elise “Elisu” Siler found a home with those they worked with as the media lead for OU Esports. They are a senior art, technology, and culture major. OU Esports helped foster their love for gaming. Siler’s…
Katlyn Don Carlos
December 2, 2022
ReviewsVideo Game Reviews

Hardspace: Shipbreaker Review

Image from That is the mantra that repeats itself as the player floats between huge chunks of a starship’s bulkhead. Just throw one more piece of the ship into the incinerator before the shift ends. Just one more chunk of your debt paid off…
Will Edmonds
October 21, 2022
Author's Opinions

Video Game Stories Are Powerful Tools

Picture from The level of interactivity found within single-player gaming experiences is particularly good for telling stories that impact the player. It leaves them considering the messages contained within and helps immerse them within the gameplay.Talking about stories and the personal experiences they have…
Will Edmonds
October 5, 2022
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OU Esports to Host Overwatch Watch Party

Matthew “Quinn” O’Quinn, one of the tank players on the OU Overwatch Crimson roster, is thrilled to have this new opportunity for the community to come together and cheer on the competitive Esports teams. “There are very few opportunities for other people to go and…
Rae Machado
September 23, 2022
iRacingOur TeamsOverwatchValorant

Fall 2022 Competitive Preview

With new teams, high stakes competitions and exciting events, there is no shortage of OU Esports hype.The OU Valorant teams will be joining in the inaugural College Valorant Season (CVAL), hosted directly through Riot Scholastic Association of America. This season will consist of three tournaments…
Rae Machado
September 23, 2022
Our Partners

OU ECCI Partners With OKSE for K-12 Esports Development

NORMAN, OKLAHOMA, Sept., 20, 2022 – The University of Oklahoma Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation Department in the Division of Student Affairs is joining forces with Oklahoma Scholastic Esports to further promote esports opportunities and pipeline development within the K-12 sector, effective immediately.OKSE was founded in…
Rae Machado
September 19, 2022