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Moog’s corner is a section of Sooner Esports and our Media & News development where our Lead Advisor, the originator of all of our energy, talks about the journey and process along the way. It tells the story of the OU Esports Club journey and the amount of work needed to be effective in the collegiate esports space. He hopes to inspire others to collaborate, learn, teach, and advocate for our common agenda on this topic.

Michael Aguilar

Lead Advisor

JOB DESCRIPTION: The Lead Advisor sets the overall tone, establishes initial concepts and partnerships, and works in tandem with all of the student leadership especially the president to keep pushing the mission forward.
BIO: Mike, also referred to as "Moog", is a Technology Strategist that caters to the needs of the Honors College in tandem with centralized IT's efforts across OU's campus. He provides project management and business analysis that helps improve workflows in anything from daily routine based work to big initiatives for both the individual college as well as the university. Mike is a veteran service member, has worked for Apple, and is an active photographer of over 15 years experience. Mike attributes much of his organizational and strategic abilities and successes to World of Warcraft. Managing a guild of over 150 people from all over the world converted him from an extremely introverted person into a very extroverted one. Through his 4 years managing this guild he also led raids during the initial WoW days through several expansions where 40 individuals were required to accomplish highly coordinated tasks through VoIP communication in real-time. Mike has been a gamer since the Atari days and can enjoy all genres when the timing is right. Mike's biggest passion is helping out where he finds opportunities to do so because he wants to not because he needs to. He has embraced his role as Lead Advisor 500% and is leading the charge for gamers and esports athletes within the walls of OU only as a precursor to helping uplift these industries across the state.