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Our Sponsors

FITGMR is a comprehensive performance and player development company born out of the work we have done with Cloud9 for over four years, a premier esports organization. We are a team of gamers, professors, Ph.D.’s,, psychologists, esports athletes, coaches, and industry professionals with decades of experience. Through the FITGMR app we offer a holistic approach to health for esports athletes and gamers that addresses the mental and physical demands of competitive gaming so they can perform better in their specific game. FITGMR’s Training Grounds is a best-in-class esports training experience. Certified coaches train and mentor in game-specific strategies and tactics, communication and team building. Training Ground Leagues, Bootcamps, and Discord encourage inclusivity and community.


Sooner Esports represents a research and practicum initiative from our parent organization, OU Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation + OU Gaming Club. Many things are being developed at OU in the context of the industry of esports and gaming. We’re excited about these opportunities and hopefully, we can keep your attention as we unfold all of our broad and narrow initiatives coming out of this organization on our journey to further formalization at OU and in our state. You can learn more HERE.