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Student Spotlight: Cooper Marshall

Editor's Note: Article was written about Rae Machado and interview was done by Will Edmonds. For Media and News Coordinator and senior journalism major, Cooper “Kappy” Marshall, OU Esports has truly shaped his college experience and his plans for the…
Rae Machado
January 8, 2024

Student Spotlight: Joey Yeager

OU Esports is a special place for Joey "Ghost094" Yeager, Community Coordinator and management information systems major. He has loved video games since he was a child, and he wants to spread that love as far as he can in…
Will Edmonds
April 20, 2023

Student Spotlight: Kate Furney

For Kate “itsafurn” Furney, Influencer Development Coordinator for OU Esports, gaming has allowed Furney to spend time doing what she loves. Furney is a creative media production major with an entrepreneurship minor and joined OU Esports in Fall 2020. Furney…
Katlyn Don Carlos
April 17, 2023

Student Spotlight: Hashim Hassany

The Graduating Outreach Coordinator and Assistant Community DirectorHashim “BrownDieselWagon” Hassany found ways to give back to the OU Esports and Gaming Club communities that had given him so much through his time as both the OU Gaming Club Assistant Community…
Cooper Marshall
December 9, 2022

Student Spotlight: Elise Siler

The Graduating Media LeadDuring their time with OU Esports, Elise “Elisu” Siler found a home with those they worked with as the media lead for OU Esports. They are a senior art, technology, and culture major. OU Esports helped foster…
Katlyn Don Carlos
December 2, 2022

Student Spotlight: Zachary Satz

The Graduating Marketing DirectorFor Zach Satz, the Marketing Director for OU Esports and a senior art, technology and culture major in the College of Fine Arts, his experiences in OU Esports goes far beyond just gaming. Satz found his love…
Rae Machado
April 13, 2022

Student Spotlight: Kara Brightwell

talks about her history with OU Esports, the importance of the organization, and the impact of charity at a local level. Originally a casual member, Kara "Kelbright" Brightwell would become a key player in developing important charitable events and connections.…
Derek Snow
May 13, 2021