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OU Giving Day Round Up

OU Giving Day was held on April 14, 2022, an event to encourage donations to a wide variety of departments and organizations across OU. OU Esports held a 24-hour livestream that hosted various panels.The panels included interviews and discussions from all the different pillars. Austin “RexGoDragon” Ngyuen, Solidus Leadership Awardee,…
Cooper Marshall
April 21, 2022

Indie Houses and the Future of Indie Games

Indie games are awesome. Watching a creator or small team make something totally unique usually results in an amazing game. But do you know what is even better? When independent developers and publishers come together to showcase these  incredible games and raise money for worthy causes. In the past few years,…
Cooper Marshall
September 17, 2021

UPDATED: A Day Off Twitch, Twitch Files Against Raiders

On September 1st, Streamers took a stand against Twitch, the popular streaming platform, as they grappled with hate raids. Twitch Streamer SwiftIke plays Mario64 Hate raids occur when people create accounts en masse, and then use these accounts to spout hateful things at creators, specifically minority and LGBT creators. They…
Silas Bales
September 15, 2021

Valorant Masters Berlin: The Breakdown

The third and final Valorant Masters event of the 2021 season is assuredly upon us, set to take place September 10-19th at the Verti Music Hall in Berlin, Germany. As the last major tournament before the global finale of the 2021 Valorant Champions tours, Masters Berlin will feature 15 teams…
Devon Moseley
September 9, 2021

State of Esports & Gaming at OU – Fall 2021 Edition

Last year was transformative for OU's esports and gaming developments with three major milestones. First, the departmentalization of the OU Esports Club into "Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation" housed in the Division of Student Affairs through the endorsement and elevation of Dr. David Surratt, the VP of Student Affairs and Dean…
Mike "Moog" Aguilar
August 12, 2021
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The Future of Collegiate Esports

The clicking of the keyboards, the bright LEDs shining in the competitor's faces, the screams of excited fans and spectators, this is all part of what makes top-level esports special. But at the collegiate level, there’s a different story to tell. Unlike the professional scene, the room for growth collegiate…
Silas Bales
July 23, 2021

The Return of E3

After taking a break from the public event last year, E3 is returning this summer in full force. The Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) is a celebration of gaming that takes places at the beginning of the summer each year, dating all the way back to 1995. However, after the coronavirus…
Silas Bales
April 23, 2021
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Red Bull Campus Clutch Comes to Oklahoma

by Red Bull aims to support university students and elevate them at the worldwide stage.Riot Games’s hit new shooter, Valorant, gets its biggest collegiate tournament yet. Although Valorant is one of the newest esports titles on the scene, it is already making waves as one of the most popular. Now,…
Derek Snow
April 1, 2021

Ludwig’s Never Ending Stream

Many people wish that they were a big streamer. I mean, it’s the dream right? Playing video games for money and engaging with a fun and lively community. Many have even heard and been interested in a 24 hour stream, where you live on stream for an entire day, but…
Silas Bales
March 23, 2021

The Rising Valorant Scene

The Valorant Esports scene is bigger and better than ever. With the constant support from the developers on this title and the push for a new, big esports scene, Valorant has filled a void that many gamers have been wanting: new competition. Valorant Masters -  The latest in a line…
Silas Bales
March 16, 2021
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OKC Police Athletic League Esports

Including information on the OKC PAL Spring 2021 Fundraiser below!When people typically think of school sports, they will think of traditional sports like football, basketball, or soccer. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S. in early 2020, traditional school sports were shut down and many had no idea what to…
Cooper Marshall
March 9, 2021
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The Treatment of Women in Gaming

If there’s one stereotypical quality any non-gamer would assume of the gaming community in general, it’s misogyny. While this stereotype obviously isn’t true of all gamers, or even most gamers, we would be doing a disservice to assume this isn’t something that needs to be addressed by the entire community.Regardless…
Emily Land
March 5, 2021

Pokemon Week

This week is Pokémon Week, where fans of the world’s largest entertainment franchise gather together to celebrate. This year is Pokémon’s 25th anniversary, and the excitement is at an all-time high. Besides the already confirmed news from the Pokémon Company, the rumor mill is running amuck with all leaks pouring…
Silas Bales
February 23, 2021

The Horizon of Gaming

For those coming back from the break, settling back into the swing of things, and getting to the grind of everyday life, you may find yourself looking for some new games to play. While the current market is a little dry after the holiday season, we don’t have much longer…
Silas Bales
February 9, 2021