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Student Spotlight: Matthew Miller

The Graduating Stream DirectorMatthew Miller, the Stream Director for OU Esports and a senior meteorology major, has developed his love for streaming through his time at OU Esports.  Miller grew up in Linton, Indiana wanting to be a meteorologist and loving video games.Miller has been into video games since he…
Cooper Marshall
May 5, 2022

So You Want to Play With Culture?

Back in 2017, as a former mariachi violinist living near the US-Mexico border, I was shocked to see Mario playing guitar while wearing Mexican outfits. At first, I thought that someone like me who was living in the middle of these two countries could use the game to reconnect with…

Student Spotlight: Kara Brightwell

talks about her history with OU Esports, the importance of the organization, and the impact of charity at a local level. Originally a casual member, Kara "Kelbright" Brightwell would become a key player in developing important charitable events and connections. Kelbright's events were prolific, especially for only having the resources…
Derek Snow
May 13, 2021

Senior Spotlight: President Jasmine Graves

Graves discusses her journey with the club, its future, and the impact OU Esports has had personally -- and on campus. The OU Esports Club began in fall 2017, and so did Jasmine’s journey at OU. The club was still unrecognized by OU at this time, even as a competitive…
Derek Snow
February 22, 2021