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Games to Play to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day, the day celebrating movements to protect the environment, is right around the corner. This year, Earth Day will be celebrated on April 22. Many people celebrate Earth Day by participating in volunteer efforts or by pushing environmentally-friendly initiatives.…
Rae Machado
April 19, 2023
Author's Opinions

Video Game Stories Are Powerful Tools

Picture from The level of interactivity found within single-player gaming experiences is particularly good for telling stories that impact the player. It leaves them considering the messages contained within and helps immerse them within the gameplay.Talking about stories and…
Will Edmonds
October 5, 2022
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The Game Jam Community

How quickly can a game be created? A month? A week? Less than 48 hours?Game Jams have pushed this idea to the limit for years, bringing together teams of developers, who are sometimes strangers before the event, to dedicate their…
Rae Machado
February 25, 2022
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Video Game Auteurs

The world of video gaming is populated by huge corporations with massive teams working to make games every year. But some developers stand out among them, the ones who make their own personal vision come to life — the video…
Cooper Marshall
November 12, 2021