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2024 OU Esports Camps Overview & Signups

Welcome to The University of Oklahoma Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation Department. Our mission is to advocate for esports and showcase its opportunities. With our camps, we aim to inform and provide hands-on experiences for all interested. 

Understanding Esports

Esports is more than just competitive video gaming; it’s about teamwork, competition, and strategy. Our camps serve as an introduction to the world of esports, teaching participants what it means to be a teammate, a competitor, and a playmaker. 

OU Esports Camp Programming

OU Esports Camps programming is designed to cater to various audiences, exclusively tailored for competitive players. Led by coaches and captains from our official OU teams, our camps aim to develop competitive players and enhance their skill sets through mentorship and performance enhancement. Drawing from our active developments, our team comprises vetted upperclassmen, alumni, and ECCI employees, ensuring a diverse range of expertise and mentorship. We offer a comprehensive curriculum covering gameplay mechanics, teamwork, and leadership skills, providing impactful opportunities for potential recruits to OU and the next generation of Sooners. Our camps prioritize creating a positive and inclusive learning environment where every camper feels supported and motivated to excel. 

Prerequisites & Requirements

  • Age Requirement: Participants must be at least in 7th grade (approximately 13 years old) up to high school seniors to join our camps. 
  • Physical Camp Requirements: To participate, campers must be able to get to campus and back. Campers are welcome to bring their own controllers and headsets, if preferred.
  • Virtual Camp Requirements: To participate, campers must have a reliable internet connection, a working PC/Console, Discord, and a microphone. 
  • *Coaches Camp Requirements: Must be affiliated with a scholastic program whether it is a K/12 direct program or a youth only development program seperate from a school.

Camp Expectations

  • Growth Mindset: Campers are encouraged to approach each day with a growth mindset, ready to absorb new concepts and techniques. 
  • Team Environment: Our camps foster a collaborative atmosphere where teamwork, communication, and leadership skills are emphasized. 
  • Punctuality and Attention: Being punctual and attentive is crucial to maximizing the camp experience and ensuring meaningful learning. 
  • Positive Environment: We prioritize a positive and supportive environment, where campers can thrive and grow. 
  • Performance Objectives: Throughout the camp, campers can expect performance reviews and objectives tailored to their individual growth. 

Camp Offerings

  • In-Person Camps: Join us for hands-on experiences where you’ll interact with expert coaches and mentors, sharpening your skills in games like Overwatch 2 and Madden 2024.
  • Virtual Camps: Can’t make it to our physical location? No problem! Our virtual camps offer the same high-quality instruction and mentorship, allowing you to participate from the comfort of your own home. 

Perk Unlocked: FitGMR Access Included!

This year, each camper will receive a complimentary one-year subscription to the FITGMR app, a fantastic resource valued at $100. The FITGMR app is designed specifically to address the unique challenges associated with gaming and esports. By promoting the development of new, healthier behaviors, the app helps young gamers cultivate positive habits that enhance both their gaming performance and overall well-being.

The app features a blend of motivational tools, habit-tracking technology, and performance-measuring capabilities. Additionally, it provides educational and inspirational content created to inspire and guide users. With the support of dedicated FITGMR coaches in the App, each camper can track their performance and gain insights into how physical, mental, and emotional health impacts their gaming skills. App users can easily share their daily FITGMR scores with their parents directly through the app.

About FitGMR

FITGMR, born out of a six-year collaboration with the global esports organization, Cloud9, developed the first app specifically designed to meet the mental and physical demands of gamers and esports athletes.  This first-of-its-kind technology incorporates daily coach-led programming, metrics tracking, and inspirational content customized for esports athletes. FITGMR’s Training Grounds, developed with Cloud9, is a premier comprehensive training experience that includes esport-specific in-game training, competitive league play, coaching, and community engagement. Training Grounds has furnished more players to the professional/semi-professional scene as coaches, players, and in esports careers than any other training organization. Through its groundbreaking technology and training, FITGMR is embedding health and wellbeing deeply within the esports ecosystem, highlighting the importance of physical and mental health in gaming.

We believe that the FITGMR app will be a valuable tool, helping campers play better and feel better by taking care of themselves. We are thrilled to offer this opportunity and encourage OU campers for the first time this year! - OU ECCI Competitive Leadership

2024 OU Esports Camps Schedule (Overview)

  1. Youth Camps – In Person: 
    1. June 17-19, 2024: Valorant (In-Person) – Immortal 1 Ranks and Below $160
  2. Youth Camps – Virtual:
    1. None
  3. Coaches Camps: 
    1. June 21-22, 2024: FPS (In-Person + Virtual Hybrid) – Current K-12 Coach/Teacher ONLY $110

2024 OU Esports Camps Schedule (Detailed)

Youth Camps - In person

Coaches Camps

June 21-22, 2024 - $110 - FPS Coaches Camp (In-Person+Virtual Hybrid) - Current K-12 Coach/Teacher ONLY


Elevate your coaching game with our FPS Coaches Camp designed specifically for K-12 educators. This immersive two-day hybrid workshop blends in-person sessions with interactive virtual learning, providing flexibility and inclusivity for all teaching professionals. Delve into the fast-paced world of FPS gaming, where you’ll develop the expertise to mentor and lead student teams. Our curriculum focuses on strategic gameplay, fostering collaboration, and building resilience among young competitors.

As a participant, you’ll receive hands-on training from seasoned esports coaches, engage in live gameplay analyses, and collaborate with fellow educators passionate about integrating esports into their teaching repertoire. Join us for a unique professional development experience and become a pioneer of scholastic esports coaching.



At this stage in a player’s development they understand the absolute basics about the game but make fundamental errors or mistakes in your decision making and mechanics. This beginning camp will be geared to correcting these mistakes so that the player has more of an opportunity to improve. To achieve this the following curriculum and schedule will be used:

Day 1Day 2
10am CT
11am CTMap & Positional Reading Lecture
12pm CTLunch
1pm CTVirtual Coaching Setups & ToolsComm. & Command Workshop
2pm CT5 Pillars of ConsistancyTeamwork vs Playmaking Workshop
3pm CTGoal Setting and HealthCoaches Play – Application
4pm CTPractice vs. Play Active Thought MentalityCont. Coaches Play and Q&A

Camp Pricing and Payment

The cost of attending OU ECCI Summer Camps varies depending on the camp type and duration. Detailed pricing information can be found at [insert website], along with instructions on how to register and make payments. Each camp has a specific fee associated with it, ranging from $90 for virtual camps to $160 for in-person camps. Payment can be made securely through our online portal using major credit cards, debit cards, or electronic transfers. 

Why Choose OU ECCI Camps?

At the University of Oklahoma Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation Summer Camps, we offer more than just gaming; we provide a pathway to formally represent the University of Oklahoma. Our camps serve as a gateway to exploring scholarship and academic opportunities in various esports-related fields. With our guidance, participants can make well-educated decisions about their educational journey in esports. Join us to embark on an exciting journey of growth, learning, and exploration in the world of gaming and esports. Register now to secure your spot and take the first step towards unlocking your full potential in the gaming industry. We can’t wait to see you there! 


What titles will you be developing for?

We are only interested in providing programming we have execution and expertise in. The titles we develop curriculum for are programs that have over a year of execution throughout the school year and their coaching staff is vetted to be professional, articulate, and respectful.

Who is eligible to attend?

Ages 13 and up ONLY! Each camp has unique prerequisites. From the platform (PC, console) to preexistent skill ability to playstyle we want as many campers to be involved as possible. These prerequisites will be defined in each individual camp listing.

In the context of gender-focused programming, when we are capable of facilitating physical programming on our campus we will explore this not because we believe in limiting participation, but because we believe in elevating demographics that need more attention statistically and historically.

""M" for Mature" programming?

It is no mystery everyone’s sensitivities to potentially violent video games differ, however, we look at it as an opportunity to provide mentorship about technique, emotional control, and sportsmanship because they are playing them already. This is how we can contribute to positive community influence versus just turning our back to them. Games that are rated “M” are treated the same as those that are not from the curriculum development standpoint. These camps are not designed for day 1 beginners, but are for those that have put at least a little time into the game/topic already and desire coaching. Parents are involved in the registration process and are made aware of what they are subscribing to.

How can I learn more about the University of Oklahoma overall?

Naturally, we are students, staff, faculty, and alumni of The University of Oklahoma. We are proud advocates of our university. As we continue to elevate the esports topic, we are just one opportunity that exists at OU. It all starts with visiting, but it doesn’t stop there. We are plugged in with our admissions and recruitment energies at the university level and promote conversation with them directly. We will gladly give you a very warm introduction to our personnel that can answer OU specific questions outside of the esports opportunities.

What about university recruitment, scholarships, academic opportunities?

We know you’re interested in representing the University of Oklahoma formally in a licensed jersey, on a scholarship, and studying what you love. We’ve been working on all the above since 2016! That aside there are tons of degrees that correlate to esports career fields. Journalism, engineering, business to name a few. You can get scholarships through academic excellence also and is the cornerstone for our foundational focus on your academics always coming first.

REAL TALK: Esports in the educational sector is still very young in both K-12 and Higher Ed. There are many opportunities already popping up across the U.S. We are firm believers that we collectively owe it to our future generations to provide them with information and guidance to make a well-educated decision. Anybody entering and exiting educational journeys in the industry of esports is a win for everyone REGARDLESS of the brand and location.


Our camp coaches and staff are a small portion of our much larger organization. We have OU staff, students, and alumni involved in helping build this extension of our developments. In Summer 2020, and as the COVID impacts stopped practically all programming everywhere, we started offering virtual summer camps as one of the only departments at The University of Oklahoma. In doing so we started to mature our own practices of developing summer camps, growing coaches, mentoring youth, and diversifying our programs to fill in the Summer months. Thanks to this collective efforts of our Intercollegiate Esports pillar we are able to scale up camps programming to provide synergy across differing titles and continue to build our legacy in the space.