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Student Spotlight: Cooper Marshall

Editor's Note: Article was written about Rae Machado and interview was done by Will Edmonds. For Media and News Coordinator and senior journalism major, Cooper “Kappy” Marshall, OU Esports has truly shaped his college experience and his plans for the…
Rae Machado
January 8, 2024
Event Coverage

OU Esports Bedlam 2023 Wrap-up

The sixth installment of the Bedlam Rivalry Series between OU Esports and Gamers of OSU was another outstanding success. Through the two days of competition, teams played to raise money for the OU Children’s Hospital. Bedlam this year was also…
Rae Machado
December 11, 2023
Author's OpinionsGaming

Games to Play to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day, the day celebrating movements to protect the environment, is right around the corner. This year, Earth Day will be celebrated on April 22. Many people celebrate Earth Day by participating in volunteer efforts or by pushing environmentally-friendly initiatives.…
Rae Machado
April 19, 2023
End of YearEvent Coverage

End of Year Bash

OU Esports held its End of Year Bash this weekend, celebrating the year’s achievements and allowing students to gather and play games together before dead week.The bash kicked off on Friday night with the Sooner Smash Dojo, a weekly “Super…
Rae Machado
May 3, 2022

Student Spotlight: Zachary Satz

The Graduating Marketing DirectorFor Zach Satz, the Marketing Director for OU Esports and a senior art, technology and culture major in the College of Fine Arts, his experiences in OU Esports goes far beyond just gaming. Satz found his love…
Rae Machado
April 13, 2022
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The Game Jam Community

How quickly can a game be created? A month? A week? Less than 48 hours?Game Jams have pushed this idea to the limit for years, bringing together teams of developers, who are sometimes strangers before the event, to dedicate their…
Rae Machado
February 25, 2022