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A Journey to Remember: Cloud 9

After finishing fifth during the North American League Championship Series Spring Split, some felt Cloud 9 would perform well in the Summer Split and make their way to Korea for Worlds. Cloud 9 looked good sitting at 7-1 after week four of the Spring Split,…
Alex Sigman
November 1, 2018
Author's Opinions

Alex’s #GameStruck4

With #GameStruck4 becoming a popular trend on Twitter, why would I not take the opportunity to write about my childhood which shaped me into a video game loving fanatic. #GameStruck4 is a hashtag which means the 4 most influential games in a person's life. For…
Alex Sigman
May 9, 2018

Twitch May Never Be The Same Again

Early in January, Tyler1 made his triumphant return to League of Legends after his indefinite ban. He broke the viewership record for Twitch with 382,000 viewers. Dr. Disrespect took a break from streaming after publicized drama, then came back in early February to break the…
Alex Sigman
April 16, 2018

NBA 2K League: Sports and Esports

In case people did not know, esports is becoming a big deal. If you did not know, all a person needs to do is watch Adam Silver, commissioner of the NBA, announce the first pick in the draft of the inaugural NBA 2K League. The…
Alex Sigman
April 9, 2018
Event Coverage

Super Bit Wars 6 And Its Return To OU

Super Bit Wars 6 (SBW6) was hosted this past weekend on OU's very own campus. Over three hundred competitors from around the country came out to compete in 10 console fighting games. In this day-long event, there was no lack of action. The day began…
Alex Sigman
April 4, 2018