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Looking forward to her future, Katlyn Don Carlos fondly reflected on her time on the Media & News team and how working with the team has impacted her life.

Don Carlos began gaming at a young age. Her older siblings played many video games, so she grew up on popular console staples such as Halo and Tomb Raider.

As a professional writing major, it is no wonder that she decided to join the OU Esports Media & News team during her junior year.

“I saw their articles, and…I wish[ed] I could do that,” Don Carlos said. “They posted something about how they were desperate for news writers, and I was like, ‘Say less.’”

She said she joined the team hoping to write about topics she cared deeply about. She joked that “with my friends, I would always be talking about something and I’d be like, ‘I could write an essay about this.’”

“But I never did,” she said, “because I had no reason to.”

Though Don Carlos is happy with her professional writing major, she explained that “it’s mostly fiction writing, which I enjoy, but I still like writing nonfiction.” This was one of the main reasons she joined the Media & News team. Being able to write personal-interest articles, like game reviews and articles discussing other unique aspects of gaming, was also a huge plus for her.

Don Carlos shared that the accomplishment she was most proud of was her article about mental health.

“I had been thinking about writing that before I joined the Media & News team just because a lot of the games I had been playing at the time had a lot to do with that,” she shared, “I thought it shifted the focus on what gaming can do for people.”

Despite being unsure but optimistic of her future career path, Don Carlos explained that one of the most valuable parts of being on this team was the writing experience.

“Having this opportunity has been really good just for my resume and then just for my own writing skills,” she said, “Also, in working on these articles, I’ve learned a lot about different areas of gaming that I don’t really have much experience with.”

She later went on to describe her introduction to many different groups of people within gaming and the boost of confidence in her writing that her work in the Media & News Team brought her.

Katlyn Don Carlos is a passionate writer and gamer whose work shines on this platform. After graduation, she plans on looking for fiction editing jobs nationwide.

My time at OU wouldn’t be what it was without OU Esports. The friendships I’ve made during my time here and also the community I’ve had the experience to be a part of will always stick with me. Overall, I’m just super grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to leave my mark on the organization.

Kate Leach

Kate Leach is a freshman meteorology major at the University of Oklahoma. When they aren't playing games, they enjoy reading graphic novels (manga included!), playing board games, playing piano, and spending time with their dogs - just a huge nerd all around. Be warned, though, once you ask Kate about their new obsession, you're in for quite the lecture!