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Editor’s Note: Article was written about Rae Machado and interview was done by Will Edmonds.

For Media and News Coordinator and senior journalism major, Cooper “Kappy” Marshall, OU Esports has truly shaped his college experience and his plans for the future.

Originally a creative production major, Marshall joined the Media and News Team as a media member in his first semester at OU.

For Marshall, the Media and News Team was an immediate fit for his personality.

“I’m not a competitive guy,” Marshall said. “I like fighting games, but I’m not great at them. So the storytelling side was a nice fit for me.”

Eventually, though, Marshall became interested in the news writing side of the team.

“It was because of OU Esports that I was like ‘I want to try writing’, and they let me experiment,” Marshall said. “I wrote an article about physical media versus digital media and I was like ‘Man, this is fun.’”

The experience eventually helped Marshall make the decision to change his major to journalism with a minor in social justice.

Marshall’s experience with video games began at a young age and it was marked by playing games with others.

“I really got into video games with the Wii. We got my dad a Wii for his birthday,” Marshall said. “He played it with us for a bit, but quickly my sibling and I took over it, playing Mario Kart Wii, Wii Sports, Super Mario Bros., Skylanders and other games together.”

Despite his current love of narrative games, it was a while before Marshall was exposed to the world of narrative-driven video games.

“Of course, I played a lot of Nintendo games when I was younger, and they don’t have the strongest narratives out there,” Marshall said. “But, in high school, I picked up some mobile indie games and they really introduced me to the narrative possibilities in video games.”

Overall, Marshall has loved the OU Esports Media and News Team for its diverse interests and its people.

“I like that we get to focus on the community side, like we post about the teams, but also about what makes video games so interesting,” Marshall said.

“I love the team. The work they’ve done is just incredible. Everyone’s my friend and it’s the best part of the team for me.”

After graduation, Marshall plans to stay in Oklahoma. He is not sure what he will be doing, but is currently looking for jobs in journalism and communications.