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The sixth installment of the Bedlam Rivalry Series between OU Esports and Gamers of OSU was another outstanding success. Through the two days of competition, teams played to raise money for the OU Children’s Hospital. Bedlam this year was also sponsored by the Price College of Business.

Watch our Saturday Coverage! And make sure to look at the image gallery at the bottom of the article.


Friday’s events took place at the Oklahoma Children’s Hospital, where players were able to entertain patients through their games and hosting tournaments for the kids.


The day kicked off with Madden, a new game to Bedlam. OU took this first game to kick off the weekend 1-0.


Next up was Super Smash Bros. Ultimate crew battle. With a fierce performance, OSU propelled itself to even the series at 1-1.

Mario Kart

Then, the teams faced off in Mario Kart 8. OU won to retake the lead 2-1.

Rocket League

The day finished off with a Best-of-5 match of Rocket League. OU won the match to bring the series to 3-1.

Raul “Foxchaos” Garcia, coach of the OU Rocket League team, was proud of how the team showed up.

“I felt great about how The Boys showed up,” Garcia said. “Having our captain and Maver back as well, felt like old times. Bano was cracked, Maver was on fire and BDARBZ was behind every single play.”

Garcia was also fond of the camaraderie.

“The vibes were on top,” Garcia said. “Everyone in our comms was having a blast and with OSU’s banter toward us, it was a great time.”


Saturday dawned with OU leading OSU in the series 3-1. The day’s events were hosted at OSU’s venue in Stillwater, with all games streamed on Gamers of OSU’s Twitch Channel. Through the day, students from high schools across the state were able to stop by and interact with individuals from both Esports organizations.


The day began with Overwatch 2. With a stellar performance, OU swept OSU to extend the series lead to 4-1. 

Cale “Froggo” Childs, coach for the OU Overwatch team, and Seth “Sabre” Burnie, player on the team, both were excited over the team’s ability to sweep OSU.

“We really wanted to come here and make a statement, and I think we did that,” Childs said. “We had a great time, too.”

“This was my first LAN tournament with OU,” Burnie said. “I’ve done LAN tournaments before, but this was definitely the most fun, and we definitely made a big statement.”

Childs also got the opportunity to play in the last map, and it was his first competitive map as a player since 2019.

“It’s a very different game from 2019,” Childs said. “But I got to play Roadhog and it was great.”


Next up was Counter-Strike 2. OSU won to begin an attempt at a comeback, with the series at 4-2.

Joshua “Teus” Klint, captain of the OU Counter-Strike team, was proud of his team despite the loss.

“We had some good individual games,” Klint said. “There’s just a few things we need to work on, and that was where they got us.”


Then it was time for Valorant. OSU was able to take the game to continue their comeback with the series at 4-3.

Collin “DoubleDog” Weingarten, player on the OU Valorant Academy team, was happy with the energy of the team’s first LAN match this year.

“It sucks that we lost but we know what we’re capable of,” Weingarten said. “But we’re trying to get better every week, and we’re proud of where we’re at.

“I had a really good 1 v. 3 clutch, and I just remember screaming at my teammates. It was a lot of fun.”


Splatoon was up next. OU pulled out a great win to extend their series lead 5-3.

Noah “Noer” H[name], player on the Splatoon Team, was grateful for the chance to get to play in Bedlam, considering the speed in which OSU pulled a team together.

“I know OSU assembled this team in a week,” Heredia said. “They were fun to play with, and they were really good.”


The last game before break was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. OU won to clinch Bedlam at 6-3.

Supporting the OU Call of Duty Team were the parents of all of the players, who traveled to Stillwater to see their children compete.

Sandy Rains, mother of OU Call of Duty player Tate “T8” Rains and Rachel Zamorano, mother of OU Call of Duty player Lakin “Zamo” Zamorano were thrilled about the experience.

“We’re just so excited we finally got to see something in person,” Rains said. “We’ve streamed the matches all year but we’ve never got to see the team play in person.”

“We got to see them all work together and see how they’ve grown as a team,” Zamorano said.


After the Call of Duty match, the competition took a break for dinner and a student panel. Participants included Anita Ly as moderator ,communications graduate Brandon Villarreal, biochemistry graduate Kristine Nguyen, and arts,technology, and culture major Zachary Satz. They spoke about the impacts of OU Esports on their life after graduation and where their careers and education has led them.


Following the panel was Rainbow Siege Six. OU played amazing and extended their score to 7-3.

Kenny “Blizzy.OU” Bartel, captain of the OU R6 Team, was excited to have the teams play, especially as the rosters have drastically changed since Bedlam 2022.

“Both teams have had a lot of roster changes over the last year,” Bartel said. “It was two new teams clashing.”


Rounding out to end Bedlam was League of Legends. OU was able to round out the day with a last win for the final series score of 8-3.

Sean “OdinSean” Ropp, player on the OU League of Legends Team, enjoyed his first experience at Bedlam.

“It’s been really fun,” Ropp said.

Overall, this year was another successful installment of the Bedlam Rivalry Series. Over $2,500 was raised for the OU Children’s Hospital, in thanks to viewers and sponsors including OU Price College of Business. 

View even more of our best pictures below! All photos captured by Will Edmonds and Anna Ali.