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NORMAN, OKLA. [Feb. 7, 2023] – Aimlabs has sponsored the University of Oklahoma’s Esports and Co-Curricular Innovation with a  $10,000 contribution, which will go toward scholarships in the program.

Aimlabs is a first and third-person shooter program that provides instant feedback on aim through coaching and online simulators. Users can review the program’s analysis on their aim directly after completing customizable scenarios on their PCs. This allows users to refine their hand and eye coordination through varying movements that are both millimeters short and inches long to commit to muscle memory.

“When it comes to competition, every gamer wants to get better to improve. Aimlabs strives to help gamers do this for free,” Jody “BosnWifey” Farmer, OU ECCI student intercollegiate Esports coordinator, said. 

Both Aimlabs and OU ECCI prioritize core values, such as determination and growth, for players.

“Aimlabs exists to help people get better at the games they love. Our users are a supporting community, embracing cultures from around the world and helping each other push their boundaries,” an Aimlabs representative said.  “OU ECCI’s program supports all of our company’s principles in education, community and setting people up for success.”

Farmer’s negotiations with the company resulted in a $10,000 sponsorship that will benefit the scholarship element within OU ECCI.

“These funds will immediately go to sustaining student scholarships in the Spring ’23 semester,” Mike “Moog” Aguliar, OU ECCI director, said. “Next school year will signify one of our biggest restructures and evolutions but we will talk about that more later this summer.”

Farmer spearheaded the discussion of possible funding from Aim Lab toward OU ECCI due to her connection with Aimlabs founder and CEO Wayne Makey.

“He was so impressed with what I was doing in gaming he told me to keep in touch and ask if there was anything I needed in the future to reach out,” Farmer said.  “When the need for scholarships became apparent I continued my conversations with the company and then Mike figured out the best way for them to contribute.”

These scholarships will allow OU ECCI to maintain students who receive scholarships as well as provide new opportunities for incoming students.

About the Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation Department

With development originating in 2016, the OU ECCI Department was founded on the premise of unity through video games with a path to industry focus. It serves as the inclusive home for all gamers from casual to competitive alike. Learn more HERE.