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Student Spotlight: Hashim Hassany

By December 9, 2022Spotlights4 min read

The Graduating Outreach Coordinator and Assistant Community Director

talks about the experiences he had with the OU Esports community.

Hashim “BrownDieselWagon” Hassany found ways to give back to the OU Esports and Gaming Club communities that had given him so much through his time as both the OU Gaming Club Assistant Community Director and Outreach Coordinator. From organizing events to get students together to have fun, to reaching out to sponsors, Hassany has made a lasting impact on the community.

Hassany works with Joey Yeager, the community director, to put on events for students.

“I’m working in tandem with Joey to create events for the club, manage ambassadors, moderate the entire (Gaming Club) Discord server, coordinate prizes, coordinate events, that sort of deal,” Hassany said.


On top of that, Hassany also works with different organizations outside of OU Esports as well.


“For outreach, I’m the main point of contact with organizations, mostly charities, that want to come and work with us,” Hassany said.

The Journey

Hassany has always remembered video games being a part of his life.

“I remember my dad showing up with a GameCube, I was like five, and those were my formative years,” Hassany said.

Before college, Hassany loved playing games like the Call of Duty series on PC. 

Fall of 2018 was Hassany’s first semester of college. He is a management information systems major.

Soon after starting his freshman year, Hassany joined the OU Esports Club, right before OU Esport’s very first back-to-school event.

At the event, Hassany not only loved it but also met the previous streaming director, Matthew Miller.

“We both happened to like the same club at the same time and we also figured out that we both lived on the same floor in Couch at the same time, so that was cool,” Hassany said.

In February 2022, Hassany saw Mike Aguilar, director of OU Esports, post an application for assistant community director.

“I wanted to play a part in that, I wanted to help out the community because I had attended so many events before,” Hassany said.


OU Esports has helped Hassany overcome his worries about speaking in public.

“When I started out (in college), I was a pretty reserved person, but I opened up quite a bit whenever I started attending events and just meeting new people,” Hassany said. “So much so now that I don’t have a fear of public speaking anymore.”

Hassany’s favorite parts of OU Esports are the events, of course. Being able to attend and plan are exciting to Hashim, especially the back-to-school and end-of-year bashes.

“Those are the times that I feel like we are at our peak,” Hassany said. “Our whole community comes together and everyone is just having fun… That’s when the energy is highest and that’s my favorite event every year.”

After he graduates, Hassany will be working for Paycom, where he interned during his college years. But even though he is ready to move on from college, Hassany says he will miss it.

“To be honest, I’m glad that school is over, it’s been a long time,” Hassany said. “I feel like it is time to move on from school, but I will miss it because a lot of my life has been spent here and I feel like I will miss the freedom I had. But I am glad to be moving on now.”

Hassany has left a big impact on the OU Gaming Club community, just as much as it left on him.

It’s been a great experience, that’s all that I can really say. I’ve had a great time being here at OU and being a member of this club.

Cooper Marshall

Cooper Marshall is a senior journalism major minoring in social justice at the University of Oklahoma. He is the current Media and News Coordinator of OU Esports News and Media. He enjoys biking, hiking, movies, and of course video games. While he's not a very competitive guy and prefers single-player games, he can totally beat you at Mario Kart.

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