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Longhorn Gaming Wins Fourth Annual Red River Clash Against OU Esports 5-1

By , November 2, 2022Event Coverage, Our Teams3 min read

Longhorn Gaming bested OU Esports 5-1 in the 2022 Red River Clash on October 29.

The event kicked off on the OU Esports Twitch Channel with Splatoon 3. Every map was close, but the OU Splatoon Crimson team fell to Longhorn Gaming 1-4. 

Drew “Ice Dew” Marshall, coach of the OU Splatoon Crimson team, said they felt good about the future of OU Esports Splatoon.

“I can see this team going far. We have a lot of talented players with the majority of them being freshmen, so we’ll be around for a while,” Marshall said. “Through a shared interest of Splatoon, we’ve not only become a team, but friends as well.”

Despite the loss, Marshall feels they played very well.

“Overall I felt really good with our performance as a team. Texas was four divisions higher than ours, yet we brought them to several close games,” Marshall said. “With a bit more practice we likely could have won.”

The match was followed by Rocket League. The competition was intense and the teams headed to a game 7 overtime. In the end, Longhorn Gaming edged out the OU Rocket League Crimson team 4-3.

Competition on the OU Esports Twitch Channel with Overwatch 2. Longhorn Gaming beat the OU Overwatch Crimson team 2-0.

After the early day competition was a prerecorded panel. The panel was moderated by Brandon “ThatWooBrandon” Villarreal. OU Esports President Kaleb “Slaw” Slawson and Intercollegiate Co-Director Jody “BosnWifey” Farmer teamed up with Longhorn Gaming President Daphnee “RuNe” Grignon to talk about gaming, Esports, and community.

You can watch the matches by clicking the link here.

Over to Longhorn Gaming

The competition switched over to the Longhorn Gaming Twitch channel in the afternoon. Halo Infinite came next with OU Esports giving a fantastic performance that won them the game 2-0.

Afterwards was another intense shooter match with Rainbow Six Siege. OU Esports played defense in the last round but couldn’t quite bring it back, losing to Longhorn Gaming 3-7.

It was time for the big finale. League of Legends was the final game.

While OU Esports had already lost the overall Red River, the League team played their best. OU won the first game with astonishing pressure, but Longhorn gaming was able to bring it back in a 1-2 victory.

You can watch these matches by clicking here for part one and here for part two.

The fourth annual Red River Clash was brought to a close. It brought exciting matches with returning games and rivalries, as well as some new ones.

OU Esports would like to say thank you to everyone who participated and helped make the stream possible! We could not have done it without your hard work and dedication.

And thank you to everyone who watched the stream this weekend. We will see you at the next Red River Clash.

Don’t forget to follow Bedlam on November 11 and 12 as well for more OU Esports rivalries.

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