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OU Esports and Co-Curricular Innovation Receives $20,000 Gift From Williams Companies for Program Support

By September 27, 2022Our Partners3 min read

NORMAN, OKLA. [Sept. 27, 2022] – Energy company Williams Companies gifted $20,000 to the University of Oklahoma’s Esports and Co-Curricular Department to support future development and bring opportunities within the department.

The Esports industry is rapidly growing as it allows people to compete in video game tournaments across the world and connects people through their mutual love of gaming.  With OU ECCI being a leading force within the collegiate realm, Williams have decided to invest in the future of Esports at OU, especially since many members of OU ECCI will be going into the technology industry post graduation.

OU ECCI has an influx of students majoring in STEM related fields, and Williams is dedicated to providing opportunities for OU graduates. Additionally, OU ECCI is committed to an educational pipeline for K-12 schools to introduce the possibilities within the Esports world as well as providing a place for Esports to thrive in higher education.

“In the ever-changing landscape of generational culture differences, gaming and Esports topics rank high on interest points for prospective employees,” Mike “Moog” Aguilar, OU ECCI director, said. “Due to the fact we keep real-time reports showcasing our demographic breakdowns, it was easy to convey which degree types involved represent our ranks in correlation to their own future hiring needs.”

While this is the first collaboration with OU ECCI and Williams, this is one of many ways Williams has impacted the OU community.

“We’re excited to partner with OU Esports to support this opportunity for technology-focused students to connect, compete and develop skills valuable to our industry,” says Debbie Cowan, senior vice president and chief human resources officer, Williams. “We have a long-standing history with OU and believe they help us create a strong, diverse pipeline for our workforce.”

William’s gift will help support OU ECCI students directly with program support.

“Williams’ support shows how we are able to take gaming and esports culture and grow it past just playing video games to satisfy the needs of employment in many different industries inside and outside of gaming and esports,” Aguilar said.

About the Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation Department

With development originating in 2016, the OU ECCI Department was founded on the premise of unity through video games with a path to industry focus. It serves as the inclusive home for all gamers from casual to competitive alike.

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