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OU Esports to Host Overwatch Watch Party

By September 23, 2022Our Teams, Overwatch3 min read

OU Esports will be kicking off their watch party series this week with a viewing of the OU Overwatch Crimson team’s September 17 matches against Oklahoma City University, Boise State, and East Tennessee State.

Matthew “Quinn” O’Quinn, one of the tank players on the OU Overwatch Crimson roster, is thrilled to have this new opportunity for the community to come together and cheer on the competitive Esports teams.

“There are very few opportunities for other people to go and watch the other pillars and competitive teams,” O’Quinn said. “So just getting that exposure is crazy. Especially with the comradery of everyone being together, that’s what’s going to bring it all together for me, I think. That’s what I’m most excited about going to other teams’ watch parties.”

Additionally, O’Quinn is excited to learn more about the other titles that OU Intercollegiate Competition Program hosts.

“I know Overwatch really well and the Esports and the competitive side of it and how the whole game works,” O’Quinn said. “But outside of that, I know very basic information about other games. Like, it’s not there. The knowledge base isn’t there.”

“Point being, is that this will be a way to increase the community’s knowledge about other games, so that our community can be more together.”

“Right now, in terms of the whole team, I’m feeling really good.”

Matthew "Quinn" O'QuinnOverwatch Crimson

“(The freshman) are all really good, the best players I’ve ever played with for sure. So it’s that with having a new roster, creating that new team identity, that new team coordination, and we’re right on the cusp. It feels super soon that we’re gonna click and just be on fire.”

When asked about the matches that will be shown at this week’s watch party, O’Quinn had to shout out teammate Elijah “Revan” Lafferty, a flex damage player.

“If you want to watch someone specifically while we are playing, there’s no doubt that it has to be Elijah,” O’Quinn said. “This guy is nuts. He’s probably tied for our best player on the team. So definitely keep an eye out for him.”

OU Esports will be hosting the watch party this Sunday, September 25, from 2-4 p.m. in the Cross A Black Box Theater.

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