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OU Esports and Co-Curricular Innovation Partners With PlayNACL, ReachTV to Create Career Pipelines

By September 8, 2022Our Partners2 min read

NORMAN, OKLA., Sept., 8, 2022 –The University of Oklahoma Esports and Co-Curricular Innovation Department in the Division of Student Affairs has partnered with PlayNACL and ReachTV to leverage The OU Esports and Co-Curricular Innovation development for career pipelines.

Through new partnership, opportunities for students under these pillars will be expanded to include physical, hybrid and remote internships and collaborations. These opportunities are global, with ReachTV being across several international airports and PlayNACL having leagues abroad, allowing OU ECCI students to gain experience and exposure to diverse audiences while covering the topics of esports, gaming and entertainment.

“I am excited for the opportunity to further expand our programs to grow and strengthen students’ passion for this industry with tangible experiences before graduating from OU,” said Michael Aguilar, director of Esports and Co-Curricular Innovation at OU. “Their exposure to new opportunities also continues to grow our program as they bring back their experiences and further build out their portfolios.”The development of this partnership began in 2020, when Aguilar and PlayNACL/ReachTV owner David Chen met through teaching. After exploring possibilities in the scholastic space, they found opportunities to satisfy mutual goals through the OU ECCI news and media and production focuses. Currently, students under these developments can directly create content for OU ECCI with the possibility of scholarship and future paid internships.

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About the Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation Department

With development originating in 2016, the OU ECCI Department was founded on the premise of unity through video games with a path to industry focus. It serves as the inclusive home for all gamers from casual to competitive alike.

This press release was written by OU ECCI Media & News Student Rae Machado.

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