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Cute, Budget Gamer Girl Gear You Need Right Now!

By September 23, 2021Reviews7 min read

RAZER has come out with some super cute, gamer girl accessories in the last couple years, but they can be super expensive. As a college student, finding cute gear on a budget can be difficult, but don’t worry, we got you! 

Here are some cute, budget-friendly options that will still make your setup the cutest it can be! 


1. Orzly Gaming Headset for PC and Gaming Consoles – $29.99
This headset tops off our list because of it’s sleek design and super cute pink color! With it’s LED ear pieces, and comfort padding, it’s bound to be a hit on your next stream! 

2. Pink/Green Cat Ear Headset – $29.99
You can’t have a “Cute Gamer Girl Gear” list without the classic cat-ear headset! This option also comes in a light blue/green if pink isn’t quite your thing!  

3. SUPSOO White Purple Wire Over Ear Headphone with Mic – $23.99
The typical “gamer girl” pink isn’t for everybody, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice cuteness! This white and purple headset is definitely unique, and super cute! 

Bonus. Cat ears for headsets – $11.99
If you want cat ears for your headset, but already have one. They now sell cat ears on their own specifically for headsets! I bought some personally, and I love them! They come in multiple colors, matching just about any headset/headphones out there. 

Gallery in order of listed appearance.


1. MageGee MK-Mini 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard -$24.99
If you’re on a budget, you might not be able to afford a fully mechanical keyboard right off the bat, but 60% mechanical keyboards are a great budget friendly option! (And luckily, there are plenty of cute keyboards to choose from!) This classic pink keyboard is super cute, and a great option for keeping your setup looking sleek on a budget!

2. Magegee Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo – $22.99
Want a keyboard and a mouse that’s guaranteed to match, and maybe a number pad too? Magegee also has a good quality option for that too! (I personally have the pink keyboard and mouse combo shown above, and the keyboard and mouse both work great! The keys feel good, and the mouse is super cute!) 

3. Redragon K617 Fizz 60% Wired RGB Gaming Keyboard – $31.99
The combo of pink and white keys on this keyboard is SUPER cute! It also has a little bit of a heart shape with the pink keys!  

4. HUO JI BT-855 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – $36.99
If pink isn’t for you, there are also plenty of other color options out there! This solid blue keyboard will definitely give you a unique edge over other typical “pink gamer girl” setups, but keep your setup looking as cute as it can be! 

Gallery in order of listed appearance.


1. Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse – $24.99 
This is probably the one RAZER product that I’ve found that I, personally, can actually afford at the moment. And even with their cheaper products, RAZER doesn’t skimp on quality. If you want one of the best gaming mice for the best price out there, this is for you! 

2. INPHIC Pink Gaming Mouse – $15.99
This pink gaming mouse provides a more electronic, almost robotic look to your setup, with some cool LEDs to top it off! It’s incredibly highly rated on Amazon, and also a great price! 

3. AJ52 Watcher RGB Gaming Mouse – $19.99
I personally have the white version of this mouse, and the color changing LED’s match perfectly with any mood I’m feeling! It’s a great mouse for a great price! 

Gallery in order of listed appearance.


1. IINE Wireless Cartoon Cat Controller for Nintendo Switch/Lite – $30.99
This controller has gotten some serious TikTok fame in the last month or so, and it’s no wonder! It’s super cute! There are multiple colors available, so whatever the theme of your setup, there’s bound to be a match! 

2. Sakura Cherry Blossoms Pink Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch/Lite – $26.71 
This is another TikTok famous switch controller, and perfect if the cat ears aren’t for you! This also comes in an alternate blue version that features bamboo instead of sakura flowers!

3. PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox – Pink – $37.99
Cute controllers aren’t limited to just the Nintendo Switch! There are a couple cute budget XBOX controllers you can find on Amazon, which will save you a lot compared to a custom controller that can cost you over $200 or more! 

Gallery in order of listed appearance.


1. LeyuSmart Game Card Case for Nintendo Switch Games – $9.89 
This is quite possibly the cutest switch game case ever. Holding up to 10 games, this case will keep your games safe, and keep your setup looking super stylish!  

2. IMEGINA Peach Neon Sign – $22.99 
Neon signs are coming back, and thankfully cheaper than ever before! Nothing quite tops off gaming setup décor like a neon sign! There are tons of different shapes and styles out there, and can run relatively cheap! 

3. ERIK – Pusheen Rose Collection XXL Mouse Mat – $24.99
Nothing quite ties your PC setup together like a cute mousepad! This super cute Pusheen mat will provide you comfort, and serious style points all in one! 

4. Cute Strawberry Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch – $19.95
This is quite possibly the cutest Nintendo Switch case out there! The strawberries are classic, and will never go out of style! As a bonus, this case also comes with a carrying strap to make taking your switch on the go easy! 

5. 36 Pieces Soft Silicone Thumb Grip Caps – $9.99 
The last, but not least, item on our list for super cute gamer girl gear are these adorable Nintendo Switch controller thumb grips! Say goodbye to those boring, plain joycons! This pack of 36 different pieces is probably the best bang for your buck, but there are plenty of other thumb grips out there, including: Pikachu, Sailor Moon, Animal Crossing, and more! 

Gallery in order of listed appearance.

Buying Used or Refurbished

Of course, we couldn’t talk about budget gamer gear without mentioning buying your gear used! Websites like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Mercari, Poshmark, and even just the “Used” button on Amazon can be great options for getting great gear at a lower price! People upgrade their setups all the time, and lucky for us, it’s good for our wallet! 

One of the most cost efficient options for buying gear on the more expensive side, (such as your graphics card or gaming consoles such as the Nintendo Switch) is to buy certified refurbished from places like Best Buy, etc. These products will work just as well as their brand new counterparts, but at a much lower price! 

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