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Ludwig’s Never Ending Stream

By March 23, 2021News3 min read

Many people wish that they were a big streamer. I mean, it’s the dream right? Playing video games for money and engaging with a fun and lively community. Many have even heard and been interested in a 24 hour stream, where you live on stream for an entire day, but would you participate in a stream that never ended? For Ludwig Ahgren, one of the biggest streamers in the world, that’s the current reality.

Currently over on, popular streamer Ludwig is live, as many streamers always are, but this stream is different from others: It’s been going for almost 4 days, and the end is nowhere in sight. The stream started Tuesday at 2 p.m. PST, and it has yet to end. Why, you may ask? The stream has one rule – every time someone subscribes, a timer increases by ten seconds, and the stream doesn’t end until the timer hits zero. 

Originally, the subscription added 20 seconds to the stream, but after quickly realizing the issue with this, Ludwig cut it in half. Currently, at the time of writing this article, the subathon has been going for 94 hours and the timer still has 58 hours left on the clock.

Being a part of this stream may be a once in a lifetime experience; there has yet to be such a large stream go for so long, with seemingly no end in sight. There has truly never been something this large on twitch. Ludwig has slept, showered, worked out, played games, ate and existed on a camera for the last three days. 

What’s crazy is that the viewership doesn’t seem to stop, even when he sleeps. Whatever is on the screen, Ludwig has been able to keep at least 30,000 people watching, and usually more during the days. 

Now you may be wondering, how much money is this netting Ahgren? Well, thanks to this surprisingly in-depth and constantly updated reddit post on Ludwig’s subreddit, it has been calculated.

At the time of writing this article, Ludwig is making about $1800 an hour, and has amassed a total of $258,000, barring taxes and cuts from twitch. This sum of money is the reason the stream is likely worth it alone, to make this much money in 4 days is insane, even for a streamer of this caliber. 

This stream has even caused Ludwig to become number one trending on twitter, and he has frequently been number one on twitch during this adventure. If the stream keeps going at its current pace, the spreadsheet linked above predicts there are around 140 hours left on the stream, but the community even now keeps pushing that number.

This is a stream unlike any other, and has become a phenomenon in and of itself. If you would like to join in on the fun, see what Ludwig and his community are up to, or just keep tabs on the timer, you can find the stream here.

Silas Bales

Silas Bales is a junior journalism major at the University of Oklahoma. Along with being a writer for OU Esports and the OU Daily, Silas enjoys playing games, hanging out with friends, watching movies, and Dr. Pepper. His passion for esports came from his love of the game, Super Smash Brothers, which he has been playing competitively for 2 years.

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