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The Rising Valorant Scene

By March 16, 2021News3 min read

The Valorant Esports scene is bigger and better than ever. With the constant support from the developers on this title and the push for a new, big esports scene, Valorant has filled a void that many gamers have been wanting: new competition.

Valorant Masters –  The latest in a line of large Valorant tournaments, is taking place right now, as a part of a larger and more exciting time in Valorant esports, that being Valorant Champions – a tournament series that will culminate in what will likely be the first competitive LAN since the coronavirus hit. 

This tournament style series will have teams competing from all over the world to get a chance at a seat in the final tournament, which will be taking place in person later this year. 

Not only is this a big deal for fans, as it will generate a lot of excitement and buzz for the event, it is also a big deal for players, both new and old. For veterans of the esports scene, it is a chance to get them back out onto the stages they once stood on. For new kids on the block, it could be their shot at stardom.

The first part of this tournament series is taking place right now – VCT STAGE 1 MASTERS – and is the key to teams getting into the big event. This weekend a bunch of strong matches lined up to see who will make it to the top. For Valorant fans, this is something you will want to tune into.

One of the biggest parts of this tournament is that C9 Tenz, one of the best Valorant players, who had previously retired from competitive play, has been bought out by the Sentinels – at least for the time being – to compete in the event. This has created a lot of buzz for not only the team, but the event, especially after the Sentinels strong performance last week. Will it hold up when the competition gets fierce? Only time will tell.

To learn more about how the tournament works, how you can stay up to date, and how you can watch, follow their Twitter page here, and visit the Valorant website here.

Silas Bales

Silas Bales is a junior journalism major at the University of Oklahoma. Along with being a writer for OU Esports and the OU Daily, Silas enjoys playing games, hanging out with friends, watching movies, and Dr. Pepper. His passion for esports came from his love of the game, Super Smash Brothers, which he has been playing competitively for 2 years.

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