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The World Has Changed! So Have We! Take a Look!


While the world around us has changed dramatically in the past weeks, the majority of our focus and purpose has not. With the conversion to an online only campus, we are further ramping up our programming online for both students and our surrounding community. We have several opportunities that you can get involved with wherever you are! Thanks to the nature of our passion we are still heavily functional leveraging technology, connectivity, and gaming together to retain over 80% of our overall programming!

Do you wanna play video games with other OU students and alumni as well as the regional community?? Join us at and find our free membership sign up in #info-and-rules. Our Discord is open to the public! Memberships for some perks and additional channel access are only for OU students and alumni. We plan on hosting online events including LoL, OW, RL,, Jackbox and more as time passes on!

We are launching a t-shirt design contest starting RIGHT NOW for anyone looking to show off their design skills and win their shirt & a $50 gift card with the OU logo!


We are a 3+ year old officially licensed development at OU now with a community of over 900 gamers across OU, the region, and with our collegiate peers. We have several ways to get more involved beyond being a member with event programming, competitive play, news & media creation, streaming, and shoutcasting.

We are actively looking for student officers to fill our marketing, fundraising, competitive, production leadership slots and more. We also have vacancies in our event planning team and streaming team. Once you join and apply for membership you will gain access to the position applications. OU Students join our Discord and get registered to see available options. There are 6 of the 11 positions available currently!

From the most casual to the most hardcore gamers, we strive to offer diverse event programming to cater to all the different gamers in our club. We have offered casual game nights to student-only competitive tournaments in various titles. We are working on bringing more programming to console gamers, so let us know which games you want to see us plan events for.

Follow us at @ouesports on Twitter, FB, IG, & Twitch and check out our news site We actively produce content made by students on our Twitch and news site and are always looking for more talent to add to our roster.

We are always looking to expand our competitive developments. We actively develop teams for League of Legends, Overwatch, Smash Ultimate, CS:GO, and Rocket League.  Is there a different game that you want to compete in with an OU logo on your chest? Come talk with us to get started. We have teams still actively competing right now! We’re also about to announce our next title expansion that has been asked for pretty consistently since we started 3+ years ago!

Our organization operates and communicates fully through Discord. Join us at and find our membership registration in #info-and-rules. There are no dues for this school year and you do not have to be active to maintain membership. Anyone is free to join and participate at their level of comfort.


We will have more frequent updates and information as we get more and more settled down with all this. We’ll have a calendar up before this week is over so it’ll be easier to see programming we’re doing for OU students, educational sectors, and the general public alike! Let’s party it up! Join our community and at least pass the time with others who enjoy a similar way to pass this time!

– The OU Esports Club Leadership

Mike "Moog" Aguilar

Mike "Moog" Aguilar is the Director of Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation at OU. He also works for OU IT doing project management and business analysis as well as an adjunct instructor for the Gaylord College of Journalism & Mass Communication. He is a US Army veteran, has worked for Apple, worked in the public sector, and is a photographer of two decades. Mike has been a gamer since the Atari in the 80s and has been pioneering esports and gaming development and innovation at OU since 2016.

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