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OU Edges Out OSU 3-1 in 2019 Esports Bedlam

Video produced by creative team member Zachary Satz


OU beat out OSU

two weeks ago in the second annual 2019 Esports Bedlam event. Of four games, OU Esports overtook Gamers of OSU in three of them. This years Ebedlam was hosted on OSU’s campus with several shoutcasters being OSU gamers themselves.

The event was sponsored by UConnect Esports, Twitch Student, Extra Life, and even featured sponsored giveaways from HyperX. The games, with the exception of CS:GO, were streamed onto the Gamers of OSU page. The full broadcast is available on OU Esports’s YouTube channel.

The stream saw a large variety in the cast of commentators. For Smash, Caleb Moss and Mitchell McKinstry of OU casted with Trent Williams of OSU. For Overwatch, Evan Turley of OSU casted with Nathan Smart and John Riesenberg of OU. Finally, in League, Jordan Smith of Oklahoma State presented with Riley Segars and Darren Nguyen for OU Esports.

View the Full Stream

Click above to view the full stream.

The first game played for this bedlam was Smash Ultimate. For those unfamiliar with competitive Smash, each team gets five players, each with 3 stocks/lives. These players face off in one on one battles until one player loses their stocks, to which the next player switches in.

OSU players were Mexidan, SamDugi, Relic, Cheese, and Quiet, respectively. In OU’s corner, Buddha, joosh, Hermione!, Xavier, and final unseen player. Quiet, Oklahoma State’s final player, put up a hard fight against Hermione! and Xavier, but ultimately lost. OU Esports one with 4 stocks remaining.

Sadly, an error in the spectator mode for the Counter Strike: Global Offensive game left it off stream. The final tally came into OU’s favor with 13 – 5.

Oklahoma State bit back hard in Overwatch, refusing to let OU Esport’s team gain any ground. For Gamers of OSU, TwentyTwo, Eleron, Hoback, Peggy303, Quantum, and Happy played against OU’s Wumbologist, Hailhavoc, MANIC, MilqueToast, Kaetha, and Catparent.

In the three matches played, OSU took out OU 0-3, mimicking OU’s defeat at the Red River Battle.

The final game, League of Legends, saw OU’s league team continue powerfully. Both rounds came out in OU’s favor, with a resounding 2-0 score.

OU’s Duknarg, Solaris, Daimiko, Rito Torchic, and Catalyst7401 fought hard against Ok State’s No Fear Matson, Chief Maj, Call me Sen314, PhoenixGlory, and Faultiest Grape.

Finally, Sooner Esports would like to give thank yous to those who hosted, covered, and played in this year’s bedlam.

Thank you to our Event Coordinators: Michael Aguilar, David Kaucic, Sam Williams, Cassidy Teel, and Jordan Smith.
For hardware, thank you to Jordan Smith and Matthew Fontenot.
For giveaways: Thank you Twitch Student, HyperX, and Uconnect Esports.

And, of course, thank you to Oklahoma’s Esport student leadership: Kevin Nguyen and Tate Rosencutter.

The tradition is already a clear success, and we can’t wait to see it grow more.

Derek Snow

Derek "Defect" Snow is the News and Media Director for OU Esports Club. He is a junior studying Computer Science with a focus on Education and Leadership. Derek first started gaming on the N64 and Gamecube, and he has been hooked ever since.

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