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Inaugural Red River Clash Brings Split Victories

By October 21, 2019Event Coverage, Spotlights3 min read

OU wins LoL 2-0 while UT-Austin wins OW 0-3.

A week after the Red River Showdown, October the 18th held an important esports match between OU Esports and Longhorn Gaming (UT Austin). The two teams faced off on the digital field in League of Legends (LoL) and Overwatch (OW). The first-ever esports Red River Clash continues a longstanding rivarly between Texas and Oklahoma. The clash held split victories in its first year, showcasing highly skilled competitive play. The matches indicate that this is only the beginning of elevated competition between UT Austin and OU, and many are excited to see this new tradition grow and continue.

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The League of Legends matches ended 2-0 for OU Esports in a best-of-three game. Commentating and casting was performed by Assistant Community Director Noah “Syrain” Hassoun and LoL Ambassador Darren “Mark Hames” Nguyen.

OU Esports’ LoL team was filled by Duknarg, DudePerfect2006, Daimiko, Rito Torchic, and Catalyst7401.

Longhorn Gaming’s players were Avoxin, Pursin, lpoklpok, VelocityOne, and One Epic Potato.

The first match of the night saw a decisive victory for Oklahoma leading 24 kills compared to 9 by Texas before the end of the game.

However, the second match saw Longhorn Gaming keep up pace with and nearly defeat the Sooners until a sudden and sharp turn around by OU. Texas held a lead across the game, but Oklahoma’s push into the rift saw victory. By the end of the match, OU held 18 kills while the Longhorns ended at 20.

league of legends, lol

The best-of-five Overwatch matches showcased UT Austin biting back against OU, ending in an 0-3 score in favor of Texas. This casting was done by Shoutcasting Director David “Vid” Kaucic and Nate “PinkAwe” Smart.

Playing for OU in OW was PatchesPop, Wumbologist, Catparent, Deranged, Kaetha, and Milksteak.

In the corner for Texas was Bean, Hyung, ThisAndThat, Shinaeyoo, WeirdManiac, and Eyekenspel

The first match was made up of two tight and contested Control-the-Point rounds which Texas pulled through in both.

In the second match, the mode played was an Assault/Escort hybrid with UT Austin on defense. The Longhorn’s defense proved too much for the Sooners as OU was unable to crack even the first assualt point.

In the final match and trial of redemption for OU, a collection of Assault rounds saw OU gain 2 points but ultimately lost to Texas’s 3.

EDIT 10/21 2:32PM CST: Changed link of image from Twitch to YouTube. 

Overwatch OW

Both teams got to pull success from the Inaugural Red River Clash and excitement is already brewing for next year. The sportsmanship from both teams was heartwarming and encouraging to see as our programs continue to grow.

Derek Snow

Derek "Defect" Snow is the News and Media Director for OU Esports Club. He is a junior studying Computer Science with a focus on Education and Leadership. Derek first started gaming on the N64 and Gamecube, and he has been hooked ever since.

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