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Cutting the Cord

By March 15, 2019Author's Opinions4 min read

As more and more PC peripherals are introduced into the market the choice of what mouse, keyboard or headset to get gets more difficult. Adding onto that is the recent addition of wireless product onto the market. Peripherals like the Logitech G Pro Wireless, Corsair K63 Wireless, and the Arctis Pro Wireless have received criticism from people who don’t believe that wireless can deliver the same instant reaction precision that its wired equivalents can. But consoles have had wireless controllers for years, so what makes this so different? Factors like weight, response times, battery life, price and lack of technology have prevented wireless peripherals from being truly mainstream in competitive play.
Despite the negative reactions, even more professional players are cutting the cord. Wireless technology has come a long way and has now become more mainstream as people choose to give it a try. There are three main peripherals that people look at when on the market: headset, mice and keyboard. I’ll be looking at each of these, giving my thoughts on how realistic of a wireless option it is currently and the best contenders.

Wireless mice are finally making it into the scene with input lag equal or even better than some wired gaming mice. Improvements in battery life and a decrease in weight finally made it a realistic option for gaming, at a price. While for a premium gaming mouse nowadays you’d be looking at spending roughly $60, gaming mice go upwards of over $150. Logitech currently leads the field with their Logitech G Pro Wireless, although there are some other options such as the Razer Mamba or Corsair Harpoon. While the Logitech G Pro Wireless would cost you a staggering $150, it’s been the second step in introducing an end-all wireless gaming mouse, after the release of the G403, G703, and G903. Wireless gaming mice, while more expensive than their wired counterparts, are realistic options if you’re looking to cut the cord.

Wireless keyboards are more tricky. While you can go for your typical Dell wireless keyboard and call it a day, there are two realistic options in gaming with two completely different markets. First is the Corsair K63 and the Logitech G613. The K63 at first glance seems to be the perfect wireless keyboard, with cherry switches, backlighting (limited to blue), media keys, and obviously wireless. However, it has fairly abysmal battery life, with its rechargeable batteries clocking out at a mere 75 hours according to Corsair. The Logitech G613, on the other hand, has fantastic battery life lasting months, Romer-G switches, and a nice sleek design. For a truly unplugged play, it seems to be the better option. It does have some problems, however. Some have reported its keycaps wearing out due to its almost sticker-like design. It also carries a fairly bulky design and non-removable wrist rest, which some may not like. Due to the nature of keyboards, it’s one of the peripherals that aren’t quite ready yet for the mainstream if you want the full benefits of RGB or a slim and minimal keyboard.

Wireless headsets have been around forever. There’s plenty of competition from Razer, HyperX, Steelseries, Corsair, and Logitech. For this category, it just comes down to research more than anything, to see what you’re looking for. There are ones with Bluetooth if you’re also looking to use it for music, better range, better sound, and at fairly affordable prices. For example,

the Corsair HS70 starts at around $100 but can frequently be found on sale online. There’s plenty of designs and brands to choose from, but most major brands will offer good sound, good battery life, and a comfortable headset at fairly reasonable prices.

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