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King of the Sticks 2018

By November 9, 2018Event Coverage2 min read

The King of the Sticks 2018 took place October 27th, 2018, and some of the top players in the state and a few out-of-state players came to compete in the tournament which had 173 attendees and 10 different events to participate in.

Oklahoma Rankings for top players prior to the tournament were provided by HXC Gaming and are below.   

The complete results of the events can be found here. Many of the games were hard-fought, but still, a large proportion of the final victories went to the out-of-state competitors from Texas like KH Black, who took first at DBFZ and Mortal Kombat, and Toi, who took first at Street Fighter.

But for some of the Oklahomans ranked above, a number of unexpected results occurred, primarily in the DBFZ bracket. AnimeFreak and T7, the two Tulsans ranked at the top, both took unexpected spots at 9th place. And one player on the rise, Man of Chicken placed just above them, taking 7th. But of the Oklahoman players, Mehdi, a recent transplant from New Mexico who also goes by Dentei3, did the best and took 4th. At this tourney, Mehdi played and beat T7 and Man of Chicken, losing to KH Black who won the entire event.

With King of the Sticks being the last big major in Oklahoma, these results will shake up some of these rankings, especially for Dragon Ball Z Fighters. And as the year is about to come to a close, the results could determine the final standings for 2018.

If you missed out on the event, some VOD’s can be found from GameOver Entertainment, HXC Gaming, and Tourney Locator!


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