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Dragon Ball Fighter Z – The Top 5 Players

By October 18, 2018Event Coverage2 min read

This is the first on a series to show who are the top players in the Oklahoma Fighting Game Community. And with King of the Sticks, the last major Oklahoma regional of the year, just around the corner, fans and competitors alike should remember these tags. These players are the current cream of the crop, the ones who send you to the losers bracket, the ones you should dread to be seeded against.

Starting off the series is Dragon Ball Fighter Z, the newest game and one of the most popular fighting games right now.

Number one Anime Freak and number two T7 have been dueling it out at the Tulsa biweekly, Rock the Dragon. Anime Freak has typically won, but the games between him and T7 have only gotten closer and closer.

Mehdi, ranked third, is mysterious. Neither T7 or Mr or Dr have played against him, but hopefully, he turns up to King of the Sticks. Mr or Dr and Man of Chicken are regular faces at the Red Dirt Rumble in Norman, but players in the Metro and those in Tulsa do not often play against each other. This will be a rare opportunity for the Metro players to possibly usurp the top two positions held by Tulsans.

And while Man of Chicken is the lowest ranked player, a lot of eyes are on him. His results at The King of the Sticks could slingshot him up to the top of the board.

A lot of these players have also been experimenting with new teams and characters, and with an attractively large $500 pot bonus bringing in a larger amount of participants, the Dragon Ball Fighter Z tournament at The King of Sticks is going to be very exciting!

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