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OU’s Overwatch Team enters Preseason

By October 12, 2018Our Teams, Overwatch2 min read

Last Sunday, the Sooner Overwatch team played their first games of the Tespa Overwatch Collegiate preseason. Callie “Kitren” is captain of the Varsity squad and felt very confident going in. According to her, the most difficult opponent was going to be Oregon State who was ranked higher than OU.

But the team had played numerous scrimmages, working on new team comps and flexibility. Callie said the team felt good but also indifferent. Preseason is mainly an opportunity for teams to hone their strategies and practice, with Callie really wanting to improve on synergy and communication.

“Communication is incredibly important during a match”
But Callie said that the team has been getting to know each other better and growing closer with each week.

And as preseason is a total of 12 weeks, it will be ample enough time. Already the team is off to a strong start, winning both of their games on Sunday.

More details on the Tespa Overwatch Tournament can be found here.

There you can find the schedule and rankings where OU is currently ranked fifth. And after Sunday, Oregon State is now sixth.


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