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OP Live 2018

By September 27, 2018Author's Opinions, Event Coverage3 min read

OP Live 2018

This past weekend, I got to attend OP Live Dallas, held at the Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas. The convention was part collegiate tournament, part introduction into the esports scene. There were so many vendors and professions from the industry, it was perfect for the seasoned gamer, or a newcomer on the scene.

The event was partially sponsored by the Dallas Fuel, along with SMU’s Guildhall and eGency Global. Because of this, members of Dallas Fuel and Team Envy were there to sign autographs and take pictures with fans. Their coaches were even involved with the event’s ‘Powered Talks’ giving advice about the industry to players and spectators who are trying to break into the esports scene. They gave you an in-depth look at how hard professional gamers and other positions in the industry work.

Other than the main stage, the arena was filled with a free play arena, vendor booths, a gaming lounge, cosplayers, streaming pods, parent- talk panels and tons of opportunities to play games developed by the SMU Guildhall. Even if you weren’t part of the competition, you were able to find something to do.

The convention also gave the attendees a chance to look at some cool gear for gamers. The free play arenas were sponsored by CLX gaming, giving us a look at transparent, RGB, maxed out PCs, complete with monitors and HyperX peripherals. Every gamers dream set up. I spent a while playing a multitude of Blizzard games and taking in the setups.

The vendor floor was scattered with other gaming accessories like desks and chairs, and even industry professionals like Unreal Engine and Twitch Texas.

One of the most interesting aspects of the event were the parent talks. Unlike the ‘Powered Talks,’ these were geared towards parents who think their children are too into gaming. Industry professionals talked about the different opportunities through gaming and debunked other myths centered around the topic. It was refreshing to see an event take time to shed light on possible controversial topics, especially directed toward attendees who may not know all the details. Check back soon to see our articles about these parent talks.

Overall, the event was a blast. A perfect blend for hardcore gamers and casual fans. There haven’t been many events that i’ve attended that cater to all kinds of gamers who shared a similar interest. With this being their first year as a convention, they have plenty of room to grow and make it even better for a larger audience.

Thank you to OP Live Dallas for allowing our News Team to come out for the day and play. Look forward to other articles that will be focused around OP Live and our experiences there.

All photos courtesy of Joshua Ingram

OP Live Dallas logo courtesy of OP Live Dallas

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