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Razer Kraken v2

By September 25, 2018September 23rd, 2019Author's Opinions, Hardware Reviews, Reviews3 min read

The Razer Kraken v2 is a step in right direction in headphones for Razer. Taking it out of the box, overall the headset felt solid. It had a metal band holding it together, nice comfortable earmuffs, and a decent amount of padding. Just looking at it, it was clearly meant for long gaming sessions. My number one complaint is in the earmuffs. Just looking at it, they’re absolutely massive. While I don’t think any gaming headset is winning a fashion contest any time soon, if you’re looking for a headset to use in public this headset might not be the way to go. The second complaint about the earmuffs is the quality. In an overall good build quality, the earmuffs really stand out as the plastic feels cheap and easily breakable. The headset cable is a standard audio jack cable, although it comes with an adapter to be able to use both at once. Putting the headset on, the sound quality is decent, about what you’d expect in a gaming headset of this caliber. Games sound fairly crisp and footsteps are clear, although it does falter a bit for music. The microphone quality is fairly solid, although lacks a pop filter and in my experience picked up a lot of background noise. Both the sound and mic quality are decent, about what you’d expect in this price range of $80, or $99 for the Razer Kraken 7.1 v2, which adds chroma lighting and 7.1 surround sound. It also comes in a few different colors, white, green, black, and a special PewDiePie one if you’re looking to spend an extra $20. For gaming, it’ll suit pretty much all your needs. So, would I recommend this headset? It depends. For $99, you could get a HyperX Cloud II, or for $89 you can snag a Logitech G Pro. With that being said, you can usually find one of these on sale for around $60, which is a solid price point for a gaming headset like this. But, as the price stands, it can’t compete with other gaming headsets on the market and doesn’t add anything extremely noticeable to make up for the gap between the products.

Good sound quality
Good overall build quality
Different colors

Plastic earmuffs feel cheap
Massive earmuffs

Shoutout to Razer for sending these for review.

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