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Razer Atheris: A Wireless Compact Gaming Mouse

By September 6, 2018September 23rd, 2019Hardware Reviews, Reviews3 min read

The Razer Atheris is an interesting wireless mouse that shows how impressive wireless technology has become. The mouse starts at a competitive $49.99, roughly the same price as the Logitech G305 but a lot less than the Logitech G Pro. The design itself is a change from the traditional design that Razer has become famous for, most notably lacking that familiar RGB glow. It measures just under 4 inches in length, making it one of the smallest competitive gaming mice on the market. While I see potential in the mouse, for me personally, its design is just too off-putting. It weighs over 100 grams once you include the batteries, putting it at the more extreme weight sizes in competitive gaming mice. It took me a long while to adjust to the grip style, it’s size favoring a more claw-grip style hold on the mouse. The sensor is a high-quality sensor that’s expected out of gaming mice in that price range. It seems to contain no built-in mouse acceleration, and the buttons feel great to press down, as do the two side buttons. Despite my gripes, the mouse itself is actually fantastic quality for the price. The mouse is wireless with almost no lag, but the build quality is great, the sensor is fantastic, and the feel of the mouse is okay once you adjust to the small form factor. One of the mouse’s mouse prominent features is one that I’m actually a big fan of is easily changing from Bluetooth to wireless. The mouse is able to quickly move from gaming on your desktop, to working on your laptop. The mouse is meant to fit a niche, and I don’t believe I fit that niche. Its small compact design is great for claw grips or someone who is trying to play games on the go. Its heavy weight, while not a popular desire, is great for someone who uses a claw grip or someone with smaller hands who enjoy a more heavy mouse. For people like me, Razer offers a plethora of other mice, including other wireless gaming mice. While it’s definitely a unique product, it’s not meant to fit in all hands and sizes, but to advertise to a smaller part in the gaming community who seeks smaller gaming mice for various reasons. It’s not the mouse for me, but I don’t believe that this sort of mouse is advertised to people like me. For someone who enjoys the small size and more heavyweight, the Razer Atheris is able to offer a compact, sleek, wireless, and long-lasting gaming mouse that’s fantastic on the go.


  • Low price
  • Great customization
  • Great build quality
  • No acceleration
  • High build quality
  • Fantastic sensor
  • Great battery life


  • Small mouse design
  • No RBG


  • Requires Razer software to customize
  • Heavyweight

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