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Review – Roccat Khan Pro Headset

By July 31, 2018September 23rd, 2019Hardware Reviews, Reviews3 min read

“A gaming headset that uses 3.5mm connectors instead of USB? No RGB? No thanks!” At least, that’s what I thought until I actually tried the Roccat Khan Pro. Despite my preference for the simplicity of USB in gaming peripherals, the Khan is probably my favorite gaming headset to-date (not that I’ve had my hands on dozens or anything, but it’s hard to find room for improvement in the Khan).

First off, it is insanely light. It puts bulky headsets like the Enhance Scoria or Etekcity H7PX+ to shame. I honestly wouldn’t expect anything less from a headset that retails for $100 USD, and the Khan doesn’t disappoint. I feel like I could wear them for hours and not lose any sense of comfort due to its swivelling earcups and cushioned earpads (that also isolate sound very well for a passive headset). It has volume control located behind the left earcup, which is nice since the lack of USB restricts any sort of in-line control options that other headsets sport, and I would have expected to get no volume control at all. Since it is driven by 3.5mm cables, it is also cross-platform (so long as you have the right adapter). There’s no need to scour internet forums or support pages to see if the headset is compatible with your console of choice as well as your PC, as the right adapter will make this headset work with all of them.

It sounds impressive too. It has strong bass that gives impact to your gameplay, but without it being too overpowering for music or other listening activities. It also sports a clarity in sound that rivals some of my audiophile headphones, and I wouldn’t have expected to find in gaming headsets at all. Lots of gaming headsets (even cheap ones nowadays) have good clarity, more than enough for gaming, but the Khan certainly sets itself apart.

First downside: No RGB. While this is a forgivable offense to some, all of my other peripherals can change color to suit my mood, so I’d prefer that my gaming headset do so as well. Looking beyond that, the Roccat logos on the earcups are rather large and unappealing. If they were more understated, I think it would go a long way in making the Khan look more sleek and aesthetically pleasing.

That being said, the large logos and lack of RGB are the only complaints I can raise against the Khan. Considering I can’t physically see these aspects when I’m wearing them, I can easily overlook them when I want to game with a top-quality headset. It’s pretty clear that all of the cost for this headset goes into its sound quality and build quality instead of flashy gimmicks. If you aren’t too picky about RGB and you have no complaints with how it looks, the Khan is a stellar headset that won’t let you down.

Aesthetics 3/5
Functionality 4/5
Build Quality 5/5

Special thanks to Roccat for sending us this product for review.

Alex Heuer

Alex Heuer is a third-year Computer Engineering student, and what hobby is better suited to a Computer Engineering student than computer gaming? (Or just gaming in general) His first true experience with gaming was Runescape. Growing up, he would spend hours and hours every day during the summer grinding out levels and quests, rather than using summer break for more traditionally “productive” activities. After obtaining an Xbox 360, Alex discovered his love of story-driven and co-op games through playing Red Dead Redemption and the Borderlands series. Alex believes that gaming is best enjoyed when it tells a compelling story and is experienced with friends. When he’s not playing video games, he can typically be found listening to or playing music, or just generally procrastinating on homework.

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