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Starting today at 5PM CST we will reopen the general application to the org for OU students across the Norman, HSC, and Tulsa campuses. After concluding our first school year of infrastructure development we took a small break over the summer to relax and polish some things up. Before we get to how you can get involved let’s recap this year and hear from some of our own leadership and members on what year one was like and what impact it has made on them.

“Esports is more than just playing a game. The industry needs shoutcasters, analysts, journalists, production crews, and so much more. We are fixating on a macro view of esports with our development. This means practicum, experience, networking, and career development. Not interested in that? Then we still have plenty to offer as a community. Give and take as you'd like!”

Michael Aguilar, Technology Strategist - OU ITLead Advisor of The Esports Assoc. at OU

“I joined the org because I'd always wanted to do a bunch of esports things: play competitively, cast matches, write articles. I figured I'd try out for all of them and just go with the one I got into. Now I'm doing all three of them and I couldn't be more grateful that the org not only let me do all this, but worked with me to learn and excel at everything I can.”

David Kaucic, Junior - Chemical EngineeringFlagship Writer, Shoutcaster, Intercollegiate League of Legends Competitor

“Since I was in high school I was hoping I would find a developed gaming community in college. When there wasn’t one I was incredibly disappointed, I’d wished I could help make something on that scale happen. Last year I was approached and asked to help found one, I couldn’t have been more ecstatic! To have a place where people can connect and make friends with others of similar interests means a lot to the gaming community on campus.”

Callie Simonton, Senior - Film & Media StudiesInternal Communications Director of the Esports Assoc. at OU, Captain - Intercollegiate Overwatch Team, Flagship Streaming Persona


Last year we set out to research and investigate gaming cultures across the OU campus. What we discovered was no surprise, but like most of our peers diving into this topic, we found tons of hidden gems along the way. We will highlight those discoveries during the first month or two of the new school year. For now, here is what life in the org will be like starting off this school year:

  • Bi-weekly all org meetings to discuss top-level changes, initiatives, and community.
  • Bi-weekly game nights on 4 different titles as we research and build up more.
    • We will incentivize these nights with giveaways as we also ramp up our fundraising.
  • Additional region-wide opportunities for competition and community engagement through two strategic partnerships in the state.
  • Opportunity to be part of our Twitch Partnership and TV station we will detail heavily in September.
  • Opportunity to be part of our news and media team hosted here at to help share awareness, educate the area, and advocate for the things YOU care about most in gaming.
  • Partnerships and networking through major brands we all know and love.
  • Being part of a brand new initiative that is gaining momentum day by day on the path to more and more formalization and opportunity.
  • Philanthropy initiatives with opportunities like OU Big Event, Extra Life, and more.
  • K-12 & At-Risk outreach development starting in the Spring.
  • Wellness is a valued foundation for us and we will create an opportunity for everyone to learn and be part of a balanced curriculum.
  • For those up for the task, intercollegiate competitive opportunities across 4 titles/6 teams currently with scholarship prize pools.
  • A home for gamers and their subcultures. We are an official Tespa and uLoL chapter. What is Tespa? CLICK HERE What is uLoL? CLICK HERE


Established communities have bi-weekly community game nights that will be incentivized. Additionally, they have intercollegiate competition opportunities.

  • League of Legends
  • Hearthstone
  • Overwatch
  • Rocket League


Developing communities have momentum already and have the occasional gathering while we build it up. They may or may not have intercollegiate competition opportunities.

  • Fortnite
  • Smash Brothers
  • PUBG


Initial research communities come from feedback from our members. We look to see what we can do to cultivate a community around a specific title or topic to elevate it to a consistent programming state.

  • Call of Duty
  • CS:GO
  • DotA2
  • Heroes of The Storm
  • NBA2K
  • Smite

We are constantly open to feedback and exploring new opportunities. There are already more communities in our org than listed here.

“We are developing ways to keep all gamers happy under a single roof. Console to PC, MOBA to FPS, casual to competitive. Insane? ABSOLUTELY!”

Maria Fischer, Junior - MathematicsCommunity Director of The Esports Association at OU

“The org has really functioned as a home for me at OU. I moved from Nevada and only knew two people at OU, but the org made it really easy for me to meet new people and just feel like I belonged here.”

Matt Oakley, Sophomore - Computer ScienceIntercollegiate League of Legends Competitor

“This org actually surprised me with how well it caters to every skill level. There's both chill and competitive opportunities for both the high skill level and average skill player. It has opened my eyes to just how possible anything is in the world of esports.”

Cory Bunger, Graduate Student - Chemical EducationFlagship Streaming Persona, Shoutcaster, Intercollegiate League of Legends Competitor

“The time I am spending with this org is giving my 4 years at OU meaning, whereas before I didn’t see any other than a degree.”

Jacob Hymel, Senior - MathematicsIntercollegiate League of Legends Competitor

HOW DID 2017-2018 END?

Well, words are words how about some factual analytics from last year. Before that, we only sent a single mass email to the campus in January. The rest of these numbers were completely from word of mouth and grassroots networking. Share the word! Build a community!

  • 270+ Students Registered
    • Diverse discipline breakdown
    • A safe home for everyone requirement
    • WE WILL DEBATE NOT DEGRADE golden rule
  • 8 Student Leadership
    • 4 Female / 4 Male
    • All graduating classes represented
    • All different disciplines
  • 5 Staff Advisors
  • 3 Intercollegiate teams competed
  • 3 Regional teams competed
  • Twitch TV Station launched (Resumes programming in September)
  • Twitch Partnership granted
    • Channel and direct business partnerships
  • Launched THIS website as a journalistic practicum
  • Strategic partnerships across campus for resource sharing, allocation, and advocacy

This isn’t everything, but these are some of the big items for sure.

Development Opportunities

Development opportunities are specific opportunities for leadership, career development, competition, and practicum. From intercollegiate teams competition, being a streamer, being a writer, leading the above referenced internal communities, or helping manage and evolve the entire development, we are creating a diverse place for casual to business. Here are the current development teams.

  • High Council (Student Leadership)
  • Community Ambassadors
  • Coaches/Analysts (LoL, HS, OW, & Rocket League)
  • Stream Team (Streamer, Moderator, Oversight)
  • News Team (Writer, Reviewer, Interviewer, Shoutcaster)
  • Intercollegiate Competition (LoL, HS, OW, & Rocket League)

“Community outreach for philanthropy, recruitment, and bolstering of communities in and outside of OU will become an increasingly important expansion of our efforts. Think K-12 statewide and at-risk developmental programs. ”

Joshua Ingram, Senior - Social WorkSecretary of The Esports Association at OU

“I live off campus so I don't usually participate in clubs or activities; however, this organization has provided me something to be a part of and passionate about.”

Nick Smith, Junior - Computer ScienceIntercollegiate Overwatch Competitor

“I joined the org to be more involved and didn’t think I’d be able to really make new friends. To my surprise, everyone was super sweet and welcoming and I came out with a second family. Definitely glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to join the org! ”

Rina Tran, Sophomore - Interior DesignFlagship Streaming Persona

“It's been an incredibly strange journey, but I would change nothing about it. Too many fantastic things have happened and it feels like coming home.”

Joseph Savala, Senior - Social WorkIntercollegiate League of Legends Competitor



If you’d like to see a little more about our leadership and some of the additional programming we offer check out our organizational website HERE. We start defining these efforts more in depth soon.

More About Us CLICK HERE!


Simple! The registration link for all students can be found HERE(This will require your 4×4 to access. Any direct linking to the application not provided by leadership will result in your ineligibility for this organization)

*if you are an HSC or Tulsa student please EMAIL: as we have one additional step to verify your status.

We have opted to remain due free for 2018-2019 to continue to build infrastructure and community.

OU Student Registration CLICK HERE!


We are also enabling our alumni registration application which can be found HERE.

Alumni will be granted access to the Discord if you choose and still be a part of our community. Additionally, we will start sending out an email newsletter at the start and end of every semester to keep you on top of our developments.

Alumni Registration CLICK HERE!


There is no mistaking the research opportunities with this initiative. We would love to have more faculty involved with helping us figure this out more and building advocacy. If you have any interest or questions at all please email and let’s start a dialogue.


All 20 months of development are because of student buy-in and some hyperactive staff advisors. If you think you can contribute to the development of this effort please email We are highly selective of staff involvement due to the constantly expanding needs of this development.


For those that are not OU students or alumni, we will soon be able to partner directly with you for funding, advocacy, marketing, and much more. If you have an idea or find merit in our developmental efforts do not hesitate to email and let’s start a conversation now. We are adamant about building a strong community both inside and outside of OU as well as partnering with Oklahoma businesses and communities first and foremost. We will soon have things like ad space on this website as well as on our Twitch TV station to start incentivizing contributions and help bring awareness to our partners in our own backyard. Help us elevate this!

“In short, gaming is really just one of many things that we hope to accomplish. Sure, developing competitive teams that will represent OU is very exciting and a large part of our efforts, but the establishment of a community, one where all gamers feel safe, philanthropic outreach and all that it entails, and the ensuring of our athletes' physical wellness are just as important to us. We'd like to shatter the stereotype of gamers as a whole by proudly proclaiming that we are gamers, and then demonstrating the value that we place on everything else just as well as the joy of playing games itself”

Alex Tu, Alumni 2017Founding Vice President of The Esports Assoc. at OU, Shoutcaster

“I've been constantly amazed at the passion and drive behind our students. They've all stepped up to lead the charge in creating a presence for esports here at OU and emulating their passion to others both in and out of the organization. Skill level, knowledge, global rankings, status, NONE of that matters here. It's about bonding with others who enjoy this culture and letting your passion and curiosity move you forward.”

Kristopher Davis, Retail Strategist - ONE UVendor Relations Advisor of The Esports Assoc. at OU

“I have always been interested in Esports and an aspiring pro Hearthstone player. This org has allowed me to further my experience in both Esports and my aspirations to become a pro Hearthstone player. Since joining the org I have made new friends, furthered my knowledge of Esports industry, and signed with an Esports Organization as a Hearthstone player. Joining the org has been a great decision and learning experience for me!”

Brenden Manquen, Senior - Management Information SystemsFlagship Streaming Persona, Intercollegiate Hearthstone Competitor, Pro Hearthstone Competitor (RBG Esports)

“I thought I was just signing up to play games when I joined. I'm glad to say it is much more than that. I've joined a community that supports each other. We all just want to see each other having fun and succeeding.”

Da'Von Horn, Junior - Computer ScienceIntercollegiate League of Legends Competitor
Mike "Moog" Aguilar

Mike "Moog" Aguilar is the Director of Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation at OU. He also works for OU IT doing project management and business analysis as well as an adjunct instructor for the Gaylord College of Journalism & Mass Communication. He is a US Army veteran, has worked for Apple, worked in the public sector, and is a photographer of two decades. Mike has been a gamer since the Atari in the 80s and has been pioneering esports and gaming development and innovation at OU since 2016.

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