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Review – Enhance Theorem MMO Gaming Mouse

By May 28, 2018September 23rd, 2019Hardware Reviews, Reviews2 min read

In reviewing the Enhance Theorem gaming mouse, I made it my daily driver for a week. Actually, it was probably longer than that, since I didn’t notice anything about it that bothered me, and I sort of forgot that my other mouse existed. It’s very ergonomic and comfortable for both palm and claw grips, and has a small lip for resting your thumb when you aren’t using the thumb buttons. The thumb buttons seem stiff, which prevents accidental presses, but this might prove troublesome to some gamers in fast-paced games. It has a very tactile, almost clicky scroll wheel which is something that I personally appreciate. Gamers who prefer extremely smooth scroll wheels will want to steer clear of this mouse.

Of course, here I am rambling about how it feels to use, when all the gamers out there are asking, “what about my RGB?” Good news, the RGB on this mouse is great. Its vibrant colors will match any setup you may have. The only downside is that the thumb buttons and DPI indicator will always be blue, but it isn’t overpowering. The RGB lighting has three different modes which are customizable through software to suit your mood, whether it be solid, breathing, or fading between all colors of the rainbow.

Look at all that RGB!!!The overall build quality is great, and feels like it should hold up to years of gaming (so long as you don’t throw it at a wall in rage). It also comes with a braided cable, which I believe is almost a necessity in a good mouse.

While I probably wouldn’t purchase it for myself because I don’t need twelve thumb buttons, if you are the type of gamer who would like to make use of extra thumb buttons, you can’t go wrong with this mouse, and I would certainly recommend it.

Aesthetics       4/5
Functionality   4/5
Build Quality   4/5

Alex Heuer

Alex Heuer is a third-year Computer Engineering student, and what hobby is better suited to a Computer Engineering student than computer gaming? (Or just gaming in general) His first true experience with gaming was Runescape. Growing up, he would spend hours and hours every day during the summer grinding out levels and quests, rather than using summer break for more traditionally “productive” activities. After obtaining an Xbox 360, Alex discovered his love of story-driven and co-op games through playing Red Dead Redemption and the Borderlands series. Alex believes that gaming is best enjoyed when it tells a compelling story and is experienced with friends. When he’s not playing video games, he can typically be found listening to or playing music, or just generally procrastinating on homework.

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