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The second half of the tournament started with 14 players competing in Hearthstone. Those players competed in 4 rounds to determine the top four players that would be heading to the semi-finals.

After 10 players were eliminated, the top four competed in two rounds to determine who would be heading to the finals

The first round had ‘MannyShow93’ against ‘mbo17210’ and ‘Bawbbot’ against ‘RoseTyler.’ ‘RoseTyler’ overtook ‘Bawbbot’ with a 3-0 win and ‘MannyShow93’ won 3-0 over ‘mbo17210.’

Heading into the finals were ‘RoseTyler’ and ‘MannyShow93’ competing for first and second place, and ‘Bawbbot’ and ‘mbo17210’ playing to determine third and fourth place.

‘RoseTyler’ took a 3-2 win over ‘MannyShow93’ and ‘mbo17210’ won 3-2 as well over ‘Bawbbot’

The final standings included:

First: ‘RoseTyler’

Second: ‘MannyShow93’

Third: ‘mbo17210’

Fourth: ‘Bawbbot’

Congratulations to all the competitors. Check out The Esports Association at The University of Oklahoma’s  Twitch stream to recap the semi-final and final matches, and look there for all future tournaments.

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Pictures credited to Bailey Brown

Authors note: All names are the competitor’s Blizzard gamer tags.

Bailey Brown

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