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Welcome to our “Shoutcasting Program” development page. Shoutcasting, or sportscasting, is the esports answer to commentary during competition and events. Have you tried watching a football game without commentary? It’s just not quite as engaging, is it? Nope! In the spirit of our drive to be our own esports entertainment powerhouse, we are developing announcers for real-time play by play announcing with heavy analytic breakdown, color casting, and after action review emphasis. Why? Because the industry is hiring them, it helps our cause, and just like sports entertainment, we have to entertain.

Our casters will be streaming the majority of content through our Twitch channel as a part of our Twitch Student benefits and focus. They will cover 100% of our own allowed matches across our current 16 teams. They will travel to tournaments where we can provide casters and bring entire setups if needed. Over time this team will have a production team to assist with sound mixing, lighting, setup, and production value.

This program is piloting in the Spring 2019 semester with hopes of showcasing energies we teach within our own college of journalism as a testament and opportunity to evolve preexisting curriculum at OU. We’ll define Twitch Student as well as our roster of members for this team. This program is open to alumni, faculty, staff, and students alike with priority slot and screen time going to students first.


Twitch is a live streaming video platform. Think TBS, ABC, ESPN, but only online at and predominately focused on gaming – from esports competitions to a person playing a video game and interacting with their audience. The reason why live streaming is such a popular form of entertainment is because of the connection and interactivity the audience can have with the entertainer. Imagine you are watching your favorite athlete or musician and you had the ability to interact with them directly in real-time. There is exponentially more influence on the audience when the entertainer can respond to them quickly or play games with them. Viewers also have an easy time joining communities and chatting with people that watch the same streamers that they do. On Twitch, streamers can make money through advertisements, product placement, merchandise, subscriptions, and donations. It is lucrative for both the entertainer and viewer.


Twitch Student is a collegiate only program designed to supplement event programming, bring awareness to opportunities for students, and provide resources for streaming. It adds incentive by enabling partner level subscription status early on which helps generate revenue for the development of the program. They have dedicated staff to support this program and to provide schools with the resources they need to succeed with Twitch. They enable collegiate programs’ Twitch streams to be partnered channel, allowing programs to generate revenue before they even start streaming. Generating our own revenue has helped us minimize any financial requests to the university. This allows us to be self-sustaining and removes the risks of being financially dependent on the university.


In the near future, we will have our schedule up so you can follow along and watch our teams as well as our sister program’s variety streaming entertainment content. Our goal throughout the Spring 2019 semester is to establish a consistent schedule of broadcasting to help grow fans and followers as well as promote and advocate for our overall agenda.


Our team is compromised of a diverse pool of students and alumni currently across multiple titles. While we are currently only developing intercollegiate teams for Hearthstone, League of Legends, Magic the Gathering Arena, Overwatch, Rocket League, and Smash Brawl & Ultimate, there are some extra skillsets presented for other titles as they come up across our community.

Rosters will be updated in late January and early September after new semester recruitments conclude.


Production Director

BIO: Austin “RexGoDragon” Nguyen is working towards a computer science degree. Having a fascination with knowing how things worked, games with quirky interactions such as League of Legends and Hearthstone quickly found their way to spark Austin’s love for theory crafting. The love leads him to find the OU Esports club and their Shoutcasting team for League of Legends to serve as an outlet for him. Now he aims to expand that Shoutcasting team to provide opportunities for any theorists out there.

Director of Production

Computer Science Major
Class of 2022

The Shoutcasting Director for the OU Esports Club manages and coaches the teams that provide live coverage of collegiate esports events. These teams include live production, shoutcasting, analysis, and event hosting. Along with the Twitch Director, the Shoutcasting Director’s role includes the broadcast and coverage of OU Esports’ Competitive Teams in official matches and OU Esports’ Community Events.

Do you want to help our cause and support our programs? We will soon have a direct way for you to do so with tax incentives to boot! Stay tuned for a reveal of our very own OU Foundation account for direct contributions.

2018-2019 Team Roster

  • Kara Brightwell – International Studies/Spanish Major – Overwatch
  • Seth Bryan – Political Science Major – Hearthstone
  • Cory Bunger – Chemical Engineering Major – League of Legends, Overwatch, Production
  • Jacob Carey – Marketing Major / Finance Minor – Overwatch, Smash, RB6:Seige, Call of Duty, Production
  • Nicholas Cooper – ALUMNI – Meteorology Major / Computer Science Minor – Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm
  • Timothy Fisher – M.I.S. Major – League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League, Heroes of the Storm, Production
  • Noah Hassoun – Petroleum Engineering Major – League of Legends, Hearthstone, Production
  • Alex Heuer – Computer Engineering Major – Overwatch, Production
  • Ntxawg Lo – Computer Engineering Major – League of Legends, Production
  • Connor Matthews – Math Major – LoL, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm
  • Darren Nguyen – Health & Excercise Science Major / Pre-Nursing Minor – League of Legends
  • Reece Reinke – Computer Engineering Major – Smash, RB6: Siege
  • Salvador Soldi – Creative Media Productions Major – Hearthstone, CS:GO, Production