The tip of the sword in our development. The students that comprise our leadership team showcase personal initiative and high energy as they head each one of these individual programs and are put in direct contact with peer university programs, industry businesses and professionals, and present to other administrative bodies in and outside of the University of Oklahoma.

At the end of Fall 2018, we are at 9 student leadership and 4 staff advisors. We are going to break down our organization into the 4 main departments with 6 unique programs across them.

Our goals are to create peers through mentorship and understanding that life long learning mentality is critical to be innovative right now in the collegiate esports industry. This means students are encouraged to try everything and are taught to embrace failure equally with success to develop truly unique programming. There is not a single professional in esports that only does a single job. Our goal with these leaders is to directly impact the industry and can sustain stress, heavy logistics, and still be productive as the current state of esports administrators all exemplify.

The departments are: Leadership, Community, Intercollegiate Competition, and Media & News.

Leadership is selected from the pipelines of active members in each of the programs we develop in the hopes of natural succession from within the ranks of each team.

Click on each of the headshots to see the job description of each, a bio, and contact info.

Administration Department

Jack Counts


JOB DESCRIPTION: The OU Esports Club President functions as a source of vision and pacesetter. Responsible for org-wide initiatives and policy generation to continue to expand the outreach of the organization. While the president role definition may be one of the shortest, it is one of the most important for creating the stage for success on all fronts.

BIO: Jack is a Communication major in his fifth year at the University of Oklahoma. Despite not being an entrepreneurship major, he spends much of his time on projects and prefers positions that are always
shifting so he can continue to learn and develop different skills. Jack has been a gamer for all of his life, playing Freddy Fish for the PC at a very young age, soon followed by Pokémon Yellow and Tetris. He still
loves every game series from his childhood and continues to play each and every Pokémon installment. Above all else, Jack loves producing things that people will enjoy. Whether that be a fun esports tournament, a party, or working to grow a community around a common passion. Jack sometimes color casts for the all-star play-by-play caster Alex Tu and has played in quite a few tournaments over the years. Nowadays he spends most of his time organizing esports rather than playing them. Organizing esports at OU, esports in Oklahoma, or just helping passionate people find direction and common goals so that awesome things can be achieved. There is no I in the team and Jack believes that wholeheartedly.


Communications Major
Business Minor
Class of 2020

Jasmine Graves

Vice President


BIO: Jasmine is a second-year student getting an undergraduates degree in Management Information Systems with a Spanish minor at the University of Oklahoma. She started playing CD-ROM games when she was 5 years old and started playing League of Legends when she was 13. She got into esports when she started watching season 4 of League of Legends' NALCS. Currently, she enjoys playing games like Overwatch or CS:GO. She is excited for the growth of esports in her local community, even though she does not play competitively. She is involved with other clubs at OU, such as Women in Business Association and Spanish Club.

Vice President

Accounting & M.I.S. Major
Class of 2021

Rachel Bray

Social Media/Marketing Director

JOB DESCRIPTION: The Marketing Director works internally and externally with other members to promote events for the organization, and interact with community members across social media platforms.

BIO: Rachel is currently a marketing and supply chain management double-major at OU, in her Senior year of classes. She was gifted a PlayStation2 when she was younger and has played all genres of games ever since. Currently, Rachel plays competitive League of Legends, Civilization, and many other games in her free time.

Marketing & Social Media Director

Marketing & Supply Chain Management Major
Class of 2019


The administrative members of the team deal with setting the pace, ensuring core functions are looked after, and keep assisting with ensuring our developments are synergistic and keep pushing forward.

Matt Dang


JOB DESCRIPTION: The Treasurer manages organization registrations for new members, financials, and hosts the core analytical data we use to justify our cause as we research just how far we can take this topic at OU.

BIO: Matt is an Information Studies major in his fourth year at the University of Oklahoma. He aspires to work in cyber security. Ever since he can remember, he has been an avid gamer. Matt plays games of almost every genre. In middle school, he played competitive Counter-Strike: Source, before eventually moving to play League of Legends Pre-Season 1. Overwatch is now Matt's preferred competitive game, with D.Va being his main. Aside from competitive games, Matt also always has an MMO to play on the side. Currently, Guild Wars 2 is his MMO to play.


Information Studies Major
Class of 2018

Jacob Hymel

Fundraising Director

JOB DESCRIPTION: The Fundraising Director seeks out opportunities to help generate money for the club outside of our traditional methods.

BIO: I’m a Mathematics major, class of 2019, and this is my final semester at OU. Up until the point I joined this group, I saw no meaning to the time I spent here at OU. It had really just become a degree to me and nothing more, which is sad because they say these are the best years of your life. I still don’t know if that’s true, but being a part of this group has made it more than worthwhile to me. I gained another family here. That means something to me.

Fundraising Director

Mathematics Major
Class of 2019

Community Department

Joshua Ingram

Community Outreach Coordinator

JOB DESCRIPTION: The club community outreach coordinator is an important role for engaging with the local community outside of the university campus.

The community outreach coordinator will encourage a growth mindset for all members of the organization by promoting a culture of patience and understanding, embodying one of the most basic tenets of the organization to “debate not degrade”. The community outreach coordinator must be comfortable building bridges between community organizations and businesses in order to fund and facilitate the program’s growth into K-12 education and beyond.

BIO: Joshua is an aspiring Social Worker in his fourth year at the University of Oklahoma.

He is currently on track to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and enjoys using video games to engage and teach his clients about the value of empathy, emotional-regulation and teamwork.

Joshua is currently partnered with the Southern Oaks Library in South Oklahoma City to deliver weekly gaming sessions for kids in the community. He is also actively developing youth Esports programming, pledging to bring more opportunities for at-risk youth through private hardware donations, scholarships, and grants.

Joshua has been an avid video game enthusiast since he received a Nintendo Entertainment System along with a copy of Super Mario Brothers 3 for his third birthday. During childhood, Joshua powered through several titles in the Mega Man series and eventually graduated to the Halo franchise on the Xbox. After taking a short hiatus from video games in his mid-twenties, Joshua returned with a vengeance as a member of the PC Master Race, enjoying World of Warcraft and StarCraft 2. Currently, Joshua spends the majority of his free time with his spouse and three children. He also enjoys taking photos for the OU Esports Club and playing competitive Overwatch, where he ranks in the top 3% of North American players.

Community Outreach Coordinator

Social Work Major
Class of 2019

Callie Simonton

Community Director (Internal)

JOB DESCRIPTION: The Community Director is the heartbeat of the organization. The primary focus for this role is to keep our org-wide community engaged through all the various specifically focused communities. Harnessing the Ambassador role as a means to always have subject matter expertise and programming that caters to all endorsed sub-communities of the org. This role is the key to the extremely ambitious goal of housing all gamer's, both casual and competitive, under one roof.

BIO: Callie is a fourth-year student at the University of Oklahoma who is on the path to major in Film and Media Studies. Hand in hand with her dreams of becoming a filmmaker, she hopes to create popular entertainment on media platforms such as Youtube and Twitch in the future. Callie has been gaming since she was a young girl and grew up playing a variety of games on the Nintendo 64, GameCube, DS, and Xbox. Since becoming a PC gamer she has played MMOs such as World of Warcraft and League of Legends for many years and recently reached top 500 in competitive Overwatch. Callie is most passionate about the social outlets that can be built around gaming. From split screening multiplayer games to making friends with individuals around the world online, she believes building communities
and making friends are some of the most important aspects of gaming.

Community Director (INTERNAL)

Media Studies Major
Class of 2019


The Community Engagement Program fixates on providing events and gatherings for the OU campus population. Currently focusing on student engagement and eventually expanding into full campus inclusion. Externally, this program is looking to develop synergies with the K-12 landscape as well as at-risk youth.

Intercollegiate Competition Department

Kai Simonton

Intercollegiate Competition Director

JOB DESCRIPTION: The Competitive Teams Director is responsible for keeping tournament information up to date and staying on top of emerging tournaments that come online. Additionally, this role assists in keeping teams compliant with wellness requirements and time dedication.

BIO: Kai is a second-year psychology major at the University of Oklahoma. Born and raised in Oklahoma, he aspires to travel the world and absorb the culture outside of his home. His passion for videogames arose in his childhood playing everything from Super Smash Bros to Halo with his friends. Console gaming made up a large part of his childhood, and it wasn't until recently that PC gaming became his platform of choice. Switching to PC allowed Kai to discover a variety of new games. Competitive in nature, Kai gravitated towards games like Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege and Rocket League. While his love for other games varies over time, his passion for Rocket League has never stopped. Now, he falls in the top 0.2% of players worldwide in Rocket League and still plays as much as possible. Kai sees a very promising future in esports, and it's his dream to be apart of the industry as it grows. Working with the University of Oklahoma Esports Club allows Kai to learn and grow with his community at OU.

Intercollegiate Competition Director

Psychology Major
Class of 2021


Take collegiate athletics programming and apply it to comprehensive gaming competition development. That means coaching, analysis, team building, and competition against other universities both online and in person.

Media & News

Bailey Brown

Media & News Director / Editor in Chief

JOB DESCRIPTION: The News Director manages a small team of writers whose goal is to report to and entertain our audience with esports and gaming news in the Midwest and the industry that impacts us.

BIO: Bailey is an outlier when you look at personas in esports. While she supports and appreciates the competition of games like League of Legends, Hearthstone, and Overwatch, her main passion is Nintendo games.

Growing up, she was given her first GameBoy advance and a copy of Pokémon Emerald by one of her friends, and she hasn’t stopped gaming since. She moved up to saving Hyrule and the Mushroom Kingdom as well as ‘catching them all’. Outside of Nintendo, she recently has started playing Overwatch, Rocket League, and PUBG, hoping to expand her horizons into social gaming.

She is currently studying advertising at the University of Oklahoma and hopes to pursue the field in the video game industry. She is also High Council (Leadership) for The Esports Association at The University of Oklahoma.

News Director / Editor in Chief

Advertising Major
Nonprofit Studies Minor
Class of 2019


The Media & News Program focuses all the journalistic practicum opportunities that come with traditional sports entertainment. This means event coverage, writing, opinion pieces, photography and videography, creative media production, and more.

David Kaucic

Shoutcasting Director

JOB DESCRIPTION: The Shoutcasting Director for the OU Esports Club manages and coaches the teams that provide live coverage of collegiate esports events. These teams include live production, shoutcasting, analysis, and event hosting. Along with the Twitch Director, the Shoutcasting Director’s role includes the broadcast and coverage of OU Esports’ Competitive Teams in official matches and OU Esports’ Community Events.

BIO: David “Vid” Kaucic is a writer, shoutcaster, and the Shoutcasting Director of the OU Esports club. Initially using his passion for creative writing to write opinion pieces for the OU Esports News and Media Team, he drew on his acting and public speaking experience to develop his shoutcasting abilities and eventually spearhead the shoutcasting energy for the OU Esports club. While his pedigree isn’t impressive, his energy is, and he hopes to establish OU Esports’ Shoutcasting Division as a leading force in the growing collegiate scene.

Shoutcasting Director

Chemical Engineering Major
Class of 2020


The Shoutcasting Program is designed to utilize the active schedule of our Intercollegiate Teams Program and cultivate skillsets of modern sportscasters in the context of esports. This means both physical and online presence as well as understanding the power of articulation, timing, real-time analysis, and more.

Matthew Miller

Streaming Director

JOB DESCRIPTION: The Stream Director coordinates a team of OU Esports members that stream gaming content on the org's Twitch channel every week. The Stream Director creates broadcasting standards and the schedule for the Twitch stream. Despite deciding who streams when, they allow their team to stream the content they want to, whether that be games, art, cosplays, etc. They also help people out with any questions they have about streaming.

BIO: Matthew is a freshman at the University of Oklahoma, majoring in Meteorology with minors in both Music and Mathematics. Initially only seeing streaming as a distant dream, he quickly took to the OU Esports community and Stream Team where he was able to stream on a platform where he didn’t have to worry about judgement. He accredits streaming to the surge of confidence he gained upon entering university. Matthew has been gaming since before he could even speak, starting with Pokémon Yellow and gradually evolving his tastes over time. Growing up, he played a variety of different handhelds and consoles, though he largely remained a Nintendo fan. His main method of gaming nowadays is PC, though he enjoys his Switch and 3DS all the same. Additionally, he enjoys tabletop RPGs, such as Dungeons & Dragons. He is affiliated with several organizations throughout campus, assuring he keeps himself busy. Though not looking to participate in any professional competitive scenes, Matthew enjoys watching pros play games and enjoys local friend-to-friend competition. He is very passionate about his interests, and he constantly strives to see all the exciting things that life has in store going forward.

Streaming Director

Math & Music Minors
Class of 2022


The Streaming Entertainment Program fixates on highlighting all the potential opportunity streaming utilizing the energies of esports, gaming, and their subcultures. Think talk shows, personas, variety shows, and more. We are focused on not putting any definitions on this program to allow for truly organic growth in programming and diversification.

Staff Advisors

Michael Aguilar

Lead Advisor

JOB DESCRIPTION: The Lead Advisor sets the overall tone, establishes initial concepts and partnerships, and works in tandem with all of the student leadership especially the president to keep pushing the mission forward.

BIO: Mike, also referred to as "Moog", is a Technology Strategist that caters to the needs of the Honors College in tandem with centralized IT's efforts across OU's campus. He provides project management and business analysis that helps improve workflows in anything from daily routine based work to big initiatives for both the individual college as well as the university. Mike is a veteran service member, has worked for Apple, and is an active photographer of over 15 years experience. Mike attributes much of his organizational and strategic abilities and successes to World of Warcraft. Managing a guild of over 150 people from all over the world converted him from an extremely introverted person into a very extroverted one. Through his 4 years managing this guild he also led raids during the initial WoW days through several expansions where 40 individuals were required to accomplish highly coordinated tasks through VoIP communication in real-time. Mike has been a gamer since the Atari days and can enjoy all genres when the timing is right. Mike's biggest passion is helping out where he finds opportunities to do so because he wants to not because he needs to. He has embraced his role as Lead Advisor 500% and is leading the charge for gamers and esports athletes within the walls of OU only as a precursor to helping uplift these industries across the state.


Technology Strategist

Millard Latimer

Oversight Advisor

JOB DESCRIPTION: Millard is charged with providing oversight of the administration and political landscape around the org paving the way for approvals and preparing the org for potential battles that may arise through the development of this initiative.

Oversight Advisor

IT Manager

Justin Miller

Technical Advisor

JOB DESCRIPTION: Justin's background in managing the labs and hardware across campus enables him to be an extremely versatile resource when it comes to supporting events in the org that require lab space and working through technical problems.

BIO: Justin Miller is the Technical Coordinator for the Learning Spaces team at the University of Oklahoma. During the day, Justin is managing software used by OU Students as well as taking care of the many computer labs on campus. Working in technology has always been his passion and providing support to others so they may complete their quests have always been an achievement for him. At night, gaming whether it be with boards, cards, or keyboards, becomes one of many hobbies that Justin prefers to spend his free time. From a childhood of Nintendo, leading to teen years of World of Warcraft, and now an expansive Steam PC game library, video games has been a major part of his life growing up. Advising the eSports Association at OU is a dream come true, Justin is excited to be a part of gaming culture at OU and help students compete to become LEGENDARY.

Technical Advisor

Technical Coordinator – Learning Spaces

Tomika Cox

Cultural Advisor

JOB DESCRIPTION: Tomika is charged with augmenting all things in the org with culturally aligned modifiers. Further
tailoring our efforts to cater to the cultural and social needs and wants of our various efforts.

BIO: Tomika is a Digital Spaces Specialist for the University of Oklahoma. During the day, you can find her assisting the campus community with Instructional Technology tools such as Canvas, Lynda, and iClicker. She also performs Project Management duties for the OUIT Campus and Community Engagement (CaCE) team. She is passionate about technology and loves staying abreast of emerging trends in higher education. In her spare time, you can generally find her watching anime, engaging in a new hobby (it’s currently soap making) or being a human burrito, aka napping. Cosplay is one of her favorite pastimes, cons (Comic or otherwise) are her playground; she hopes her years of experience participating in these events can help foster a strong sense of culture and community for the eSports community at OU.

Cultural Advisor

Digital Spaces Specialist