The Media & News are the storytellers of our development. The students that comprise our Media & News team showcase who we are in articles, reviews, opinion pieces, debates, and event coverage. We flex our media-centric focus to gain access to events with press passes and first-hand experiences. We partner with developers and manufacturers to review hardware and software to give opinions. We talk about trends in the industry and showcase the values we have as students at OU in the diverse gaming industries.

This program has been functioning since April 2018 and has had a constant release of content ever since. It highlights the core journalistic practicum opportunities that are essential esports to bring a well-rounded entertainment package. This team is the constant standard for all of our media efforts and as workflows mature the shoutcasting and streaming teams will become heavily coordinated to bring our own media production house and outlet fully online.

Real-Time Examples

Opinion Pieces

Virtual Events By Gamers For Everyone – Gamerjibe Esports Career Fest

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WHEN: May 18, 2020 - May 22, 2020 TIME: Look at the link below for daily agenda/schedule WHERE: HOW DO I SIGN UP? Sign up through the LinkedIn event page below. (LINK BELOW) WHO…

News Reports

The Missing Link Between Rap Music and Esports?

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It seems like the line between professional gaming and traditional pop culture it getting blurred each and every day. Matches being shown on ESPN, sports bars hosting watch parties, and even esports gaining a more…

Event Coverage

Collegiate Esports Tournament “Battle for Bama” Raises Nearly $1,000 for Covid-19 Relief

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in Alabama sees several schools battle across several games while raising money for Covid-19 relief.April 18th and 19th held the first-ever Battle for Bama, a several-platform collegiate esports battle to be crowned the top gaming…


Among Trees Review

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from FJRD Interactive in which you explore a vast wooded land, filled with bountiful nature, forgotten landmarks and dangerous predators.You start off in the middle of the forest with nothing but your own two hands,…


Derek Snow

News Director / Editor in Chief

BIO: Derek is a programmer and aspiring bioinformatician with a passion for technology and its endless possibilities from science to entertainment. He believes that communication, community, and creativity are the key to any successful project and that the esports realm is a perfect example of a field that sharpens those skills. He stands by the thought that video games can be more than just highly entertaining fun -- they can be tools for art, education, science, and inspiring people everywhere. Derek's first console was the Gamecube, where he held a huge fondness for the Legend of Zelda games that grips him today. Fascinated by the way games that tell stories, he loves RPGs such as The Elder Scrolls series or Mass Effect. These days, you'll likely find him in strategy or survival games with friends or replaying The Last of Us again.

News Director / Editor in Chief

Major in Computer Science, Minor in Biology
Class of 2022

The News Director manages a team of writers whose goal is to report to and entertain our audience with esports and gaming news in the Midwest and the industry that impacts us.

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  • Alex Heuer – Computer Engineering
  • Courtney Johnson – Interior Design
  • David Kaucic – Chemical Engineering
  • James Myers – Undecided
  • Salvador Soldi – Creative Media Production
  • Matthew Viriyapah – Professional Writing

  • John McDonald – Marketing, Advertising
  • Zachary Satz – Art, Technology, and Culture
  • Stingray Schuller – Creative Media Production