Our Intercollegiate Competition Program is focused on developing teams and individuals for direct competition in various events, leagues, and tournaments. While the lack of governance from known entities is currently limited, every school at this moment is developing their own standards for eligibility referencing their own best practices, governance they are familiar to, and the rulesets of the competitions they are entering into. We are trying our best to standardize all requirements across the board with room for exceptions when they logically come up.

In late Fall 2018, the Esports Association at the University of Oklahoma officially obtained Competitive Club status and is officially licensed to use the venerable OU Interlocking Logo for its apparel and branding. The final evolution of this organizational upgrade was renaming it to the OU Esports Club. As of the Spring 2019 semester, we do not currently offer scholarship opportunities through the university. That is purely due to the fact we are just now starting fundraising and building much more tangible relationships within the university administration and leadership. We are also researching scholarships for other parts of our development to achieve our goal of supporting the entire infrastructure of esports and not just competitors.


  • Collegiate Starleague (CSL)
  • OP Live! Dallas
  • Riot Games’ College Series (CLoL)
  • Other regional single day or weekend-long tournaments
* Additional research in other opportunities like NACe, AVGL, and more.


  • Scholarship or physical prize pool
  • Collegiate only participation
* We aim for scholarship prize pools to further justify the massive value add to the university through money going through the university workflow and adhering to preexisting governance for other energies on campus.
* Students are welcome and encouraged to participate in events that don’t meet our requirements for officially sanctioned events as “students from OU” based teams versus “OU licensed teams”.


  • 2.5+ GPA
  • Full-Time Student
  • On-Site Norman Campus
  • Wellness-based activities requirement*
  • Member of OU Esports Club in good standing
  • Good standing with the university
*we accommodate any/all physical disabilities


  • Blizzard – Hearthstone (1-4 teams) (TESPA)
  • Blizzard – Heroes of the Storm(PC) (1 Team) (TESPA)
  • Blizzard – Overwatch(PC) (2 teams) (TESPA/TBA Tournament)
  • Nintendo – Super Smash Brothers Melee(GC) (1 Team) (CSL)
  • Nintendo – Super Smash Brothers Ultimate(SWITCH) (1 Team) (CSL)
  • Psyonix – Rocket League(PC) (2 Teams) (TESPA)
  • Riot Games – League of Legends(PC) (2-3 Teams) (CLoL/CSL/TBA Tournament))


  • Epic Games – Fortnite(PC) (TBA Tournament)
  • Ubisoft – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege(PC) (CSL)
  • Valve Entertainment – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive(PC) (CSL)
  • Wizards of the Coast – Magic the Gathering Arena(PC) (TBA Tournament)


C. Kai Simonton

Intercollegiate Competition Director

BIO: Kai is a second-year psychology major at the University of Oklahoma. Born and raised in Oklahoma, he aspires to travel the world and absorb the culture outside of his home. His passion for videogames arose in his childhood playing everything from Super Smash Bros to Halo with his friends. Console gaming made up a large part of his childhood, and it wasn't until recently that PC gaming became his platform of choice. Switching to PC allowed Kai to discover a variety of new games. Competitive in nature, Kai gravitated towards games like Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege and Rocket League. While his love for other games varies over time, his passion for Rocket League has never stopped. Now, he falls in the top 0.2% of players worldwide in Rocket League and still plays as much as possible. Kai sees a very promising future in esports, and it's his dream to be apart of the industry as it grows. Working with the University of Oklahoma Esports Club allows Kai to learn and grow with his community at OU.

Intercollegiate Competition Director

Psychology Major
Class of 2021

Jack Sheehan

Intercollegiate Competition Assistant Director

JOB DESCRIPTION: The Competitive Teams Assistant Director is responsible for keeping tournament information up to date and staying on top of emerging tournaments that come online. Additionally, this role assists in keeping teams compliant with wellness requirements and time dedication.

BIO: Jack is a marketing major focusing on the strategy behind expanding the viewership of competitive games into the non-esports enthusiast markets. Jack started out playing Destiny on Xbox, but lately has been playing on a PC. Since then, he has expanded his library to include games such as Rocket League, CS:GO,Stardew Valley, and League of Legends. He recently interned at Envy Gaming where he began to build the foundation he needs in order to work in the world of Esports after college.

Intercollegiate Competition Assistant Director

Marketing Major
Class of 2022

Do you want to help our cause and support our programs? We will soon have a direct way for you to do so with tax incentives to boot! Stay tuned for a Q3’2019 reveal of our very own OU Foundation account for direct contributions.