We’re hosting our Oklahomies from Oklahoma State University in esports bedlam! We will be facing off in Super Smash Melee, Super Smash Wii U, Hearthstone, Rocket League, League of Legends, and Overwatch. This event is free to attend for OU/OSU students with student ID. Check the link below for full event details!

Grab a drink and come eat, get a chance at some giveaways, and watch the NALCS finals! Scream, cry, cheer, and laugh as Cloud9 takes on Team Liquid!

Accommodations on the basis of disability are available by contacting [email protected]


We are implementing a 2 event limit. This means that you can only enter 2 of out the 4 brackets.

*** SCHEDULE ***

We’ll do our best to stick to this. We understand you guys have school and life pursuits. Please make our job easy by showing up on time or notifying us if you’ll be late. Bracket sign-ups will end 5 minutes before the event begins.

6:00 – Room is available and friendlies/sign-ups begin
7:00 – Smash 4 Doubles
7:30 – Melee Doubles
8:00 – Smash 4 Singles
8:30 – Melee Singles
?:?? – As brackets wind down, setups become available for friendlies again.
11:00 – Brackets conclude, room is cleaned up.


$5 for Singles
$3 for Doubles

There will be no venue fee.

*** RULESETS ***

Please look over this before attending. At the very least learn what the stage list is for the game(s) you’re interested in.



Smash 4 (CLICK TO SEE)

*** SETUPS ***

Please bring setups, guys. So much of the quality of this event rides on there being systems for people to play on.

Show up for Melee and Smash 4. We are having tournaments where you can fight the best of the best in the state. Make a new friend at the tournament? We also got a doubles tournament for you guys to show your teamwork skills. Don’t wanna compete in tournaments. Don’t worry, we will have friendly setups even during the tournament for you to practice and improve your smash skills. Come out, meet new people, and have fun!

*This event is part of a program that will evolve and build up as we progress. Come meet the energies on a new venture and further formalization at the University of Oklahoma and the state alike. 

Virtual and Augmented Reality is changing the world! How can people throughout Oklahoma be a part of these new forms of learning, experiences, and more! The OU Tom Love Innovation Hub in partnership with the Emerging Technology Liberian Team created this meetup to help others experience VR/AR and maybe even create something new in the process.

Details Soon. – Moog

Details Coming within the next week. – Moog


HXC Gaming (Hardcore Gaming) is Oklahoma’s leading organizer of eSports console video game tournaments. HXC host bi-weekly events, large tournaments, and community building leagues to help casual and competitive gamers. HXC Gaming thrives on community building for console gamers. Red Dirt Rumble which is hosted at the Innovation Hub brings casual and competitive gamers to sharpen their skills in competitive fighting games tournaments.

HXC Gaming tournaments are about more than winning tournaments. Red Dirt Rumbles at the Innovation Hub is perfect for the novice and the best in the region. HXC Gaming provides extra setups for training and combo sessions to get casual games to get better. Established champions face off against unknown newcomers and new rivals that might have only talked or fought online meet up and become old friends.

While HXC is a direct partner of ours they run their events without much influence from us. However, our partnership is contingent on maintaining our safe haven culture for our OU student members. Any issues, concerns, or questions should be directed to Ricky(HXC) and/or any member of the High Council in our Discord.

Red Dirt Rumble is HXC’s event and through partnership and collaboration has brought it to OU’s campus as it’s home. This event is completely run by HXC with minimal influence from The Esports Association to help cultivate community and culture both at OU and in the state. You should expect an extension of our safe haven ideals. For any issues, concerns, or questions message (HXC)Ricky or (HXC)Matt in our Discord and/or any member of our High Council.

This is not a free event! Here is the price break down:
$5 Event Registration

$5 per game fee

Prize Pool:

Games on rotation currently: Street Fighter, BlazBlue:Cross Tag, Tekken 7, DragonBall Fighterz

Follow on Twitter: @HXCGamingEvents

Watch on Twitch: @HXCGamingEvents

Watch on YouTube: LINK

Every year different student organizations and student engagement focused departments pool together on the South Oval of campus to showcase the various options across our university that are available to students based on their interests. We will be teaming up with our departmental partners from the Tom Love Center for Entrepreneurship, Tom Love Innovation Hub, and helping to showcase VR gaming with Beat Saber. Look for the big Innovation Hub trailer and come to grab a pamphlet, ask us any questions, and try your hand at some VR games! Yes this event is going on at the same time as our mini tourneys in the Union, but for those that don’t want anything to do with the tournaments they can stop by our table in the South Oval to talk to some of our leadership and veteran members about the org.

Heads up: Start learning about Beat Saber because a campus-wide tournament is coming in this title with an even bigger prize pool than this event. 


This location is still part of OU campus but pretty far South and out of walking distance. Join the org asap and we can coordinate rides through the #public channel of our Discord there and back. This building locks down after hours however we will have access to it. We request that you walk to the SE corner of the building where we will be grilling and this will be the main entry/exit point for us. We will be cooking up hot dogs and will provide water. This is completely free for OU students who show us their access to our Discord server on their phone. There will be a tip jar available to help us with the cost, but there is no requirement to contribute. This event counts as a single entry to the ultimate giveaway and there will be a signup sheet. MAKE SURE YOU PUT YOUR NAME DOWN FOR CREDIT!

This specific event continues the trend of breaking the ice, sharing who we are, and introducing some of our leadership and veteran members. We want everyone to come out and mingle. Our golden rule is “we will debate not degrade” and our mission is to provide a safe haven for gamers across OU. Come and meet the students leading the charge on this extremely progressive topic. This is an open forum type event where we to express that we are all gamers and while we all may play different games this is still your community and campus for any and all gaming energies.


This specific event is to help start breaking the ice on who we are and what esports is. Kris Davis, Vendor Relations Advisor, will highlight the purpose of the ONE U store on campus and how it supports the Esports Association and growth in our topic. Mike Aguilar, Lead Advisor, will then briefly discuss the opportunities esports at OU brings to the table and provide a macro view on this wildfire topic specifically in the collegiate space. This event invites parents to attend as well and they both will welcome questions, discussion, and insight to our topics.


This event is all about socializing with a dab of competition thrown in for fun. This event has a lot of logistics involved so take your time reading this one as there are three main parts. First, you can only participate in one tournament which results in one entry for the ultimate giveaway. 

All events will have a pre-registration window with rulesets that will be declared at the time of tournament start. Since this is the first time we’re doing this we have no basis for anticipating the number of participants nor do we want to limit opportunity. All tournaments will have a designated tournament operator. All tournaments have prizes for the top 3 placements.


Our biweekly community focused Rocket League game night. Open to all members of the org and completely free to join. It’s not about performance! It’s about friendly community engagement. Come join us! This is facilitated through our Discord so play from the comfort of your own home.


Our biweekly community focused League of Legends game night. Open to all members of the org and completely free to join. It’s not about performance! It’s about friendly community engagement. Come join us!

Our biweekly community focused Overwatch(PC) game night. Open to all members of the org and completely free to join. It’s not about performance! It’s about friendly community engagement. Come join us! This event is facilitated completely through our Discord. It’s free to attend and play from the comfort of your own home.