The community program is our way of giving back and engaging OU’s population as well as the region. We aim to find a method to cater to all gamers regardless of their diverse interests. From MOBAs (Massively Online Battle Arena) and FPS (First Person Shooter), to fighting games and cards, every game is just as unique as its player-base. We also look at opportunities to develop programming regionally by fostering events with the public or with students K-12.


One of the hardest tasks for any “gaming community” is to define its focus. Gamers are diverse! Not only are there many different genres of games, but there are differences in the hardware players use. Console and PC players often don’t mingle, same goes for Xbox and PS4 players.

This is where the Ambassador roles come in. It is considered a middle-tier leadership role for students who show high levels of interest in a specific title, platform, or event planning. We take the collective resources gained from networking, marketing, fundraising, and reputation as the OU Esports Club and give it to our Ambassadors so they may fixate programming for the communities on campus and in the area.

With this role, we can easily scale specific programming for communities up and down based on student interest and active community. Some example of programming that we do are weeklies for Smash, bi-weeklies for League of Legends, Overwatch, and Rocket League, and tournaments with prize pools, incentives, and more.


One of our missions is to showcase what the topic of gaming and esports fully entails. We can do this through philanthropy, K-12 outreach and programming, recruitment events, and general collaboration with energies outside of our organization and The University of Oklahoma.

With these goals in mind, we are actively developing partnerships in our backyard. From public libraries, local parks, and rec, to local tournament organizers in specific communities, we are exploring everything to bolster our programming, community, state, and region. This will establish a channel to educate both gamers and parents alike about the broad opportunities that are within esports and gaming. We will be showcasing our external events with article reviews and additional repetitive events on our calendar of programming.


Joshua Ingram

Community Outreach Coordinator

BIO: Joshua is an aspiring Social Worker in his fourth year at the University of Oklahoma.

He is currently on track to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and enjoys using video games to engage and teach his clients about the value of empathy, emotional-regulation and teamwork.

Joshua is currently partnered with the Southern Oaks Library in South Oklahoma City to deliver weekly gaming sessions for kids in the community. He is also actively developing youth Esports programming, pledging to bring more opportunities for at-risk youth through private hardware donations, scholarships, and grants.

Joshua has been an avid video game enthusiast since he received a Nintendo Entertainment System along with a copy of Super Mario Brothers 3 for his third birthday. During childhood, Joshua powered through several titles in the Mega Man series and eventually graduated to the Halo franchise on the Xbox. After taking a short hiatus from video games in his mid-twenties, Joshua returned with a vengeance as a member of the PC Master Race, enjoying World of Warcraft and StarCraft 2. Currently, Joshua spends the majority of his free time with his spouse and three children. He also enjoys taking photos for the OU Esports Club and playing competitive Overwatch, where he ranks in the top 3% of North American players.

Community Outreach Coordinator

Social Work Major
Class of 2019

The Community Outreach Coordinator is an important role for engaging with the local community outside of the university campus. It’s a role that encourages a growth mindset for all members of the organization by promoting a culture of patience and understanding, embodying one of the most basic tenets of the organization to “debate not degrade”. The community outreach coordinator must be comfortable building bridges between community organizations and businesses in order to fund and facilitate the program’s growth into K-12 education and beyond.

Do you want to help our cause and support our programs? We will soon have a direct way for you to do so with tax incentives to boot! Stay tuned for a Q1’2019 reveal of our very own OU Foundation account for direct contributions.

Callie Simonton

Community Director (INTERNAL)

BIO: Callie is a fourth-year student at the University of Oklahoma who is on the path to major in Film and Media Studies. Hand in hand with her dreams of becoming a filmmaker, she hopes to create popular entertainment on media platforms such as Youtube and Twitch in the future. Callie has been gaming since she was a young girl and grew up playing a variety of games on the Nintendo 64, GameCube, DS, and Xbox. Since becoming a PC gamer she has played MMOs such as World of Warcraft and League of Legends for many years and recently reached top 500 in competitive Overwatch. Callie is most passionate about the social outlets that can be built around gaming. From split screening multiplayer games to making friends with individuals around the world online, she believes building communities
and making friends are some of the most important aspects of gaming.

Community Director (INTERNAL)

Media Studies Major
Class of 2019

The Community Director is the heartbeat of the organization. This role’s primary focus is to keep the org-wide community engaged by making sure each sub-community is catered to. They work hand in hand with Ambassadors, who hold expertise in their game, to create programming that caters to all endorsed sub-communities of the Org. This role is the key to the extremely ambitious goal of housing all gamer’s, both casual and competitive, under one roof.


  • Hayden E. – Magic the Gathering Arena – Comp Sci, Business Marketing, Political Science Alumni, Computer Science (Masters)
  • Jacob H. – Wellness – Math + Criminal Justice
  • Justus L. – Smash Brothers – Film & Media Studies, Health and Excercise Science
  • Kaleb S. – Smash Brothers –
  • Kenward T. – Smash Brothers – Computer Engineering + Computer Science
  • Kevin N. – League of Legends – Biomedical Engineering
  • Nick S. – Overwatch –
  • Noah H. – General/Hearthstone – Petroleum Engineering
  • Rylan S. – Rocket League – Entrepreneurship