Introducing The University of Oklahoma Esports Club Esports Camp portal! One of our missions has always been to advocate for esports topics across all of our developments and energies. We are pleased to debut our first camps ever! Whether it is journalism opportunities in broadcast, community planning logistics, academic opportunity awareness, or competitive energy we want to not only tell the world but also allow those interested to come along for the ride. We will offer camps throughout the calendar year focusing on Summer and Winter school breaks and will reveal more about our recipe for success to campers!


*With current COVID-19 landscape, programming logistics will be purely in an online capacity and facilitated through Discord communications primarily for coordination and facilitation*

Our goal is to create comprehensive camp programming catering to different audiences targeting K-12 demographics in the perspectives and focuses. Our coaches and mentors are pulled straight from our active developments that execute regularly throughout the school year. They are comprised of vetted upperclassmen, alumni, employees, and trusted 3rd parties of the University of Oklahoma Esports Club.

We want to focus on substance in 2020 versus profitability and are keeping the entry costs low for high caliber camps as a means of potential recruitment to OU, to facilitate impactful opportunities to the potential next generation of Sooners, and create another value addition in the consideration of attending the University of Oklahoma.


In September 2020, US Sports Camps, America’s largest sports camp provider and the licensed operator of the NIKE Sports Camps, has announced the finalization of a deal to acquire Play Your Game Collective (PYGC), operators of the competitive gaming focused, Esports Camps.

Why is this important? Well more support is always nice, but otherwise this is to explain the differences in some of the media and articles branding as they transition from one to the other. Click the image next to this to see the full press release.


We have partnered with US Sports Camps to collaborate, promote, and elevate our camp offerings! Click the logo to find out more especially if you’re a parent that wants some more insight.


  • An objective-oriented program focused on individual and team-based improvement with multiple performance reviews along the way
  • A positive environment with specific feedback given with constant points to improve on
  • Multiple coaches to ensure active mentorship for all attendees
  • Promotion of soft skill development and communication skills
  • Promotion of wellness in regards to time balance, stretching, nutrition, and physical activity
  • Zero tolerance for toxicity, negativity, and malicious behavior
  • Finale event with full production to close out the camp


  • Competitive Camps (Launching NOW)
    • Organized through our Competitive Director
    • Partnership with Esports Camps
    • Individual Focus
    • Team Focus
  • Shoutcasting Camps (Details TBD)
    • Facilitated through our Production Director
  • Streaming Camps (Details TBD)
    • Facilitated through our Streaming Entertainment Director


What titles will you be developing for?

We are only interested in providing programming we have execution and expertise in. The titles we develop curriculum for are programs that have over a year of execution throughout the school year and their coaching staff or director is vetted to be professional, articulate, and respected.

Who is eligible to attend?

Each program has unique prerequisites. From age to the platform (PC, console), preexistent skill ability to playstyle we want as many campers to be involved as possible. These prerequisites will be defined in each individual camp listing.

In the context of gender-focused programming, when we are again capable of facilitating physical programming on our campus we will explore this not because we believe in limiting participation, but because we believe in elevating demographics that need more attention statistically and historically. During the current COVID distance landscape there will be zero limiting factors outside of skill caps, platforms, and timeframes as all programming will be virtual.

""M" for Mature" programming?

It is no mystery everyone’s sensitivities to potentially violent video games differ, however, we look at it as an opportunity to provide mentorship about technique, emotional control, and sportsmanship because they are playing them already. This is how we can contribute to positive community influence versus just turning our back to them. Games that are rated “M” are treated the same as those that are not from the curriculum development standpoint. These camps are not designed for day 1 beginners, but those that have put at least a little time into the game/topic already and desire coaching. Parents are involved in the registration process and are made aware of what they are subscribing to.

How can I learn more about the University of Oklahoma overall?

Naturally, we are students, staff, faculty, and alumni of The University of Oklahoma. We are proud advocates of our university. As we continue to elevate the esports topic, we are just one opportunity that exists at OU. It all starts with visiting, but it doesn’t stop there. We are plugged in with our admissions and recruitment energies at the university level and promote conversation with them directly. We will gladly give you a very warm introduction to our personnel that can answer OU specific questions outside of the esports opportunities.

What about university recruitment, scholarships, academic opportunities?

We know you’re interested in representing the University of Oklahoma formally in a licensed jersey, on a scholarship, and studying what you love. We’ve been working on all the above since 2016! At this time, we are licensed and have a jersey, but “direct” curriculum and scholarships are still being worked on. That aside there are tons of degrees that correlate to esports career fields. Journalism, engineering, business to name a few. You can get scholarships through academic excellence to get here.

REAL TALK: Esports in the educational sector is still very young in both K-12 and Higher Ed. There are many opportunities already popping up across the U.S. We are firm believers that we collectively owe it to our future generations to provide them with information and guidance to make a well-educated decision. Anybody entering and exiting educational journeys in the industry of esports is a win for everyone REGARDLESS of the brand and location.


Below are the current camp offerings at this time. If you click on each camp you will see a breakdown of the curriculum, timeline, and objectives of each individual program. Additionally, you will learn more about the head coach of our developments and facilitators of each camp with a means to directly contact them.

Beginner (2200MMR & BELOW)

Intermediate (2250-3250MMR)


Our camp coaches and staff are a small portion of our much larger organization. We have OU staff, students, and alumni involved in helping build this extension of our developments out. Click on the portraits to learn more about each of the responsible parties involved in making the OU Esports Club camps a success! If you’d like to learn more about the entire OU Esports Club development overview click the “Programs” image.


Justin "Bardo" Lombardo

CS:GO Coach

Justin is currently a Technology Consultant that graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2016 with his Bachelors in Management Information Systems. His first video game to memory was playing Zelda OOT on N64. Since then he’s converted to PC gaming in 2006 where he first started playing Counter-Strike 1.6. His real passion though is people, Justin enjoys playing in groups and having good comradery with his teammates. This has allowed Justin to take a role in coaching for OU and has a great drive to seeing the students grow in and outside of gaming during their time at OU.

- 12+ Years of Competitive Gaming in Multiple Titles
- 10+ Years as a Multisport Athlete Achieving All-American Status
- 3+ Years as a Teacher/Coach
- Bachelor's Degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Oklahoma
- Current University of Oklahoma CS:GO Head Coach

Justin “Bardo” Lombardo
CS:GO Coach

Josh "Thumper" Riesenberg

Overwatch Coach

Joshua is a senior working toward a music education degree. He first started playing video games when he was 7, Ratchet and Clank on the PS1. He quickly made the switch to first-person shooters and has used the years of experience, along with his education degree, to begin a coaching career. Joshua made the switch to PC in 2018 when he realized the Overwatch community was mostly based there. Since then he has been the Head Coach for the OU Overwatch Development for 2 years, coached 3 GGNA championship teams, and consulted with dozens of other teams that have gone on to win their respective leagues. He has used his love of teaching and Overwatch to develop players and teams and can do the same for you.

- Over 10 years in esports and tournaments
- Over 15 years in Gaming
- Near completion in an Education degree from OU
- Over 3 years coaching Overwatch
- Experienced in both team and individual coaching and VOD reviewing

Josh “Thumper” Riesenberg
Overwatch Coach


Jon "RadPanda" Hudson

Competitive Director / Camps Lead

Jonathan is currently seeking a bachelor's degree in Meteorology. His passion for weather started very young with an interest in storms and severe weather, and he hopes to take that passion and pursue a career in weather forecasting or research. Jonathan discovered the OU Esports Club upon arriving at OU in 2018 and quickly became very interested in the world of esports. He joined the OU Rocket League team in the Spring of 2020 and competed for three semesters before joining the club's leadership as the competitive director. Outside of gaming and studying meteorology, Jonathan also enjoys listening to and producing his own electronic music.

Jonathan “RadPanda” Hudson
Competitive Director / Camps Lead

Bailey Brown

Camp Counselor / QA Liason

Bailey is an alumna of the University of Oklahoma as well as The OU Esports Club, where she led the News and Media Team for two years. Bailey was introduced to gaming through educational CD-Rom games in the early 2000’s, however her passion for gaming launched after her friend let her play Pokémon Emerald on the Game Boy Advance. Now she focuses on retro gaming and collecting as well as pushing for more gender equality in the world of online gaming. Bailey graduated from OU in Fall of 2019 with a major in Advertising and a minor in Non-profit Organizational Studies, she hopes to use the skills she’s obtained at her time at OU to contribute to the ever-growing world of esports.

Bailey Brown
Camp Counselor / QA Liason

Jasmine Graves


Jasmine is working towards her undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems. She started playing CD-ROM games when she was 5 years old and started playing League of Legends when she was 13. She got into esports when she started watching season 4 of League of Legends' NALCS. Currently, she enjoys playing games like Overwatch or CS:GO. She is excited for the growth of esports in her local community, even though she does not play competitively. She is involved with other clubs at OU, such as Women in Business Association and Spanish Club. Jasmine is the president of the entire OU Esports Club development.

Jasmine Graves
Organization President

Mike "Moog" Aguilar, M.B.A.

Lead Advisor / Camps Oversight

Mike, also referred to as "Moog", is a Technology Strategist that caters to the needs of the Honors College in tandem with centralized IT's efforts across OU's campus. He provides project management and business analysis that helps improve workflows in anything from daily routine based work to big initiatives for both the individual college as well as the university. Mike is a veteran service member, has worked for Apple, and is an active photographer of over 15 years of experience. Mike attributes much of his organizational and strategic abilities and successes to World of Warcraft. Managing a guild of over 150 people from all over the world converted him from an extremely introverted person into a very extroverted one. Through his 4 years managing this guild he also led raids during the initial WoW days through several expansions where 40 individuals were required to accomplish highly coordinated tasks through VoIP communication in real-time. Mike has been a gamer since the Atari days and can enjoy all genres when the timing is right. Mike's biggest passion is helping out where he finds opportunities to do so because he wants to not because he needs to. He has embraced his role as Lead Advisor 500% and is leading the charge for gamers and esports athletes within the walls of OU only as a precursor to helping uplift these industries across the state and region. Mike started the research and development of the OU Esports Club in Fall 2016.

Mike “Moog” Aguilar
Lead Advisor / Camps Oversight